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    It is normal to be a complete wreck by the time they are ready to go back to school?? I am totally worn out, knackered, stressed, broke and fit to burst with all the organising it takes to get 3 little people ready for back to school.

    Feels like I have been getting them ready all summer and despite my best efforts we are still missing 1 book and 1 bus ticket. :evil:

    No amount of calling, emailing, online shopping, traipsing around the shops has got us fully sorted. It is endless and exhausting and I cannot help but think sometimes the shops and schools are not fully committed to making it easy on parents. They send us to obscure shops that cost way more than local ones and make getting certain books like winning the lotto!! Bloody impossible….

    I am so wrecked at the moment but am too wired to even sit down and relax – there is a Zumba class in tonight at LabFitness for a fiver, think I’ll go along and sweat all the angst out of me. Have to get a good sleep tonight, have 3 of them to get ready in the morning.

    Maybe when the house is sort of quiet tomorrow when they are all gone, I will feel like a normal person again (well, about as normal as I get anyway) :wink:

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