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    Just wondering if anyone heard that children will not be returning to school until the 16th of Sept – A neighbour said she heard this in NEXT in Scotch Hall..

    Something to do with all children getting a Flu vaccine…

    Anyone heard anything???????


    Dont think it has been confirmed yet but if the swine flu gets worse they are meant to be closing till october. 👿 👿 Hope they dont will deff crack up 👿 👿 👿


    Yes did hear something like that, but its only ideas at the moment…. think they are wait to see how bad it gets, I do think the UK are going to delay the term starting until the vacines are ready


    Heard it too but as with everything else with this government its only in the early stages of "talks".

    Personally i think its ridiculous, kids will be kids and if they going to catch the swine flu then they will catch it for god sake. also these vaccinations as using new ingredients which havent been tested on anyone so how do we know they are actually going to work.

    I really hope Js school opens on 1st sept like its supposed to!


    Yummy I think they are starting to get alarmed at how some young children and Adults are dying with swine flu, I know most have underlining illness but a few healthy kids in the UK died in a matter of days.

    I know Im very very worried that M would come in contact with it, with his doggy lungs (still full of fluid and gunk) if he gets this swine flu, he wouldnt be able to fight it like a healthy child…… but he could be in Tescos doing the shopping and come in contact with it, I think its up to people to use common manners and watch how they cough and sneeze


    Jesus, i never heard this, was it on the news? Flaming Nora, its like everything else they are contagious before you know they have it, bar never leaving your house what are you supposed to do?


    Thats it, they are panicking…. its not as bad here as what it is in England though… hopefully it will all settle down before school returns….
    My sis in England has been given the antibiotic for it (tamiflu) – she had a few of the symptoms – they cannot go to a doctor, they have to ring and answer questions – her DH went to collect the tablets and they gave out to him and said that it was meant to be someone who hasn’t been in contact with her for two days!
    They did say it was unlikely it was swineflu, but because she has some symptoms they had to treat it….


    Thats what i meant taylor, you could have the kids out and about in playground, germs all over the place if they are going to get it then thats the way its going to be ( i understand your concern over wee M too not having a tough immune system) doesnt ness mean that they will automatically get it cos they are going back to school!!!

    yes it is scary but the government are making it worse for parents by saying this stuff about school clousres, the next thing will be everyone will be quarantened at home for god sake!!!


    I think they are trying to track the flu rate of spreading, we are 4 to 6 weeks behind the UK but dont think we will get to their rates..
    I do know 3 irish Lads over in Spain due home last weekend but in quarantine in their hotel for the past week….. they phoned home saying its rampant in the Spanish resorts!!!
    My sister came home from her holidays and got very sick two days later, she rang the gp and stayed in bed for almost 3 days gp said it didnt sound like swine, but now my mam is very ill and the gp seen her on Mon or Tue, he thinks she has Swine flu she was to have results of her test back yesterday but gp said there are massive backlogs so it will be next week but she is on tamiflu and very very ill…….. We were meant to be going to Fatboy slim in Marley park, mam was going to mind the boys and we were all staying with her… Her gp advised her that we dont visit her and M is not to come in contact with her…. so weekend is called off!!!!!
    Poor mam we were all to calll to her over the weekend as its my dad 12th anniversary tomorrow, so she will be might depressed 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄
    Doctor now thinks my sister and her dh did have swine flu and thats how my mother got it…. saying that I had a dose in early july, never went to gp just took it easy and still trying to shake it so there is a very bad viral infection going at the moment. A has it too and has had a 38 temp for the past week


    wow taylro your family have had a run of it havent they!!!!

    hope they are all ok though.

    and heres you going out tonightto infect all the lovely mt girls 😆 😆 😆


    I think the doctors here don’t know enough, they are as confused as we are!!


    I havent seen then in 3 weeks, their in Dublin and was sister was still away at the time 😆 😆 😆
    She is the one who is spreading her germs, my poor mother is up the wall and very very sick but getting better, she is worried as the first day she felt unwell she was out in St Vincents hospital getting a monitor fitted, she got very bad very quickly and rang the gp….. she is worred that she could have spread it to loads of patients in the hospital.
    you would think they would fast track the results…….. staying well away from them even if it means my weekend is in cancelled

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