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    I am trying to get rid of a sofa at the moment and am thinking of when my brother bought his house about 15 years ago. They had no money, if someone had a spare chair you took it. I remember them living with a cooler box for the first few months and a camping stove and a couple of crates for tables & chairs.
    Over the last few years, money/credit was not a worry and people bought everything brand spanking new, myself included. Now with the recession will it go back this way. Looking at the likes of jumbletown website i feel it will and i dont think its a bad thing necessarily.
    Its the same when we were kids in school and once you got your book list you were sent door to door to see what books you could trade, there was a big sense of community.
    I would love to see all of the kids on the road out playing a football match and playing rounders as the all start to get a bit older.
    What are your memories?


    hi lai,

    good topic!

    Yes I would agree, everything is all new, and the whole houses are kitted out as soon as they move in!
    Me and DH bought our first house about 10 years ago, and we were glad to get anything that was given to us!! His mum had an old sofa and chairs tha was in the shed and I was delighted as we couldnt afford brand new ones!! We also got a free "mouse" with the sofa, arghghghghghghghgh!!! 😆

    Also my mum gave us her old table and chairs, I had my bed from my mums house and dh got his bed from his house!

    Its only when we bought the house we are in now that I finally got the leather sofa I wanted, actually its only in this house that we have got our own new furniture!! But I was so delighted to be given anything back then.

    Every little helps. 😉


    I remember knocking next door for a cup of sugar or washing powder….. now you just nip to the shops as they open 24/7……

    Rounds was class seen a family playing in Ardgillan and it looked brilliant fun… rolling down hills (ds loves this)
    But the best memory I have is soggy salad sambos (with sand) at the beach
    Climbing trees is another one…..
    Visiting your nanas and the smell of cat piss, fag smoke and not to mention the smell of nanas’ piss!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Going to Mass, getting the sunday papers, strawberries or some treat for "the Sweet" (as my dad called it) going home and have a big sunday roast dinner with the works…….. would love to start doing this again


    yep when we moved in we had garden furniture for sitting room, Dhs granny gave us fridge, table and chairs microwave loads of stuff untill we sorted ourselfs out.

    i remember cleaning out my attic about 3 yrs ago and dds pram and stuff where up there i was trying to give it away but no one wanted it, and it was practically brand new. had 2 of them and they ended up in the skip wish the feck i had of kept it now 😈 😈


    Talking of memories
    Last Saturday night i met up with friends that i used to live beside – it was great, there were 30 houses in the estate and 12 houses were represented.

    We had pictures of when we were younger – we set up a page on Facebook to compare notes.

    We remebered Discos in our garages / saying the rosary every evening in a friends house / grads / loads of different events

    I think back to when we got our first house 13 yrs ago – i got everything secondhand except for our bed… It was only 6 yrs ago when we moved we got new things…

    I think the Community feel is coming back – borrowing the cup of sugar / firelighters
    I feel we are getting to know our neighbours again…
    Just 5 minutes on a walk i notice the kids on the green playing rounders… it is great to see the kids outside playing…..


    When we moved into our first house 9 years ago we had concrete floors for 8 months until we saved up enough to get wooden ones. It didn’t really bother us, we were just so happy to have our own place. It annoyed our visitors though…they used to leave with dust all over them!!

    Ah good times….


    ha ha you guys make me laugh…….
    i remember when i first moved into my family home nearly 24 years ago (aaaawwwwww god i am getting old 🙁 ) we had not table or chairs so we had a card board boxfor a table(which i spilt my soup over and my mum slaped the legs off me ha ha ) and we had to share the bed bits as in my mum and dad had the hard base of the double bed and my older brother and sister had the mattress and my other sister had the single bed and i slet on a made up bed(fuckers) 😆 😆
    they were some times…when i think back i remember how much i hate stew eeerrrrhhhh


    Makes me think…my first house was nearly 15yrs ago now….we had nothing moving in.
    Got a sofa from SVP second hand. Got a cooker from my mam but hadn’t the money to get it wired up in the kitchen until maybe a yr later so used a 2 ring camping stove. Had no oil or gas heating. Just the fire to heat (imersion was broken too). First morning couldnt understand why the hot tap was broken only cold water coming out…..I seriously thought hot water came from ‘somewhere’ in a pipe to my tap!!!!! 😳 I had to learn to light a proper fire in the evenings to get hot water.

    When I was having my first baby got new pvc windows to replace the old rattling wooden ones and got gas heating in………felt like a princess in her castle then. But still had no new carpets, curtains etc. Got a new kitchen and loved it. Was very different then to now.

    True what they does make me appreciate the little things I have now.


    As my dad would say – it builds character!!

    I worry about how easy our children have had it until now and only recently have parents really had to start saying no. Its not nice to say no but its good they know they cannot have everything they want…

    Hard lessons but important ones to learn.

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