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    just wondering if there are any baby yoga classes in drogheda…….the only ones ive seen advertisied are all in dublin


    I teach baby massage. Our programme consists of Indian and Swedish Massage, Yoga and Reflxology. We teach gentle movements which is a yoga based routine. I dont know if that interests you?
    Ther are group classes or private tuition in your home. What age group is it for?
    Orla Carroll
    087 – 2797901
    Any help I can give you feel free to call any time.


    I teach Mother and Baby Pilates, at BodyRight Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic. The class starts with gentle toning, stretching and postural exercises for mum, that progress as the body strengthens week by week. Your baby progresses through developmental exercises that are made fun and enjoyable. Its a great way to learn how to exercise with your baby, and baby loves it!

    The classes are Wednesday mornings 11.10 at the Clinic (address below)
    Its €135 for 7 weeks.

    Sarah Plunkett
    Chartered Physiotherapist
    BSc Hons Physio UCD MISCP MAAPI

    BodyRight Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic
    Mellview House
    Co. Louth

    041 9843950 / 0877986355

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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