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    Don’t worry, you’ve got a few days to get her used to it.

    The problem is she can smell your milk and most likely wants that instead, especially as you are the one holding her and trying to give her the bottle.

    The good news is, she took a bottle when you were not there from your mother in law, so this means she will take a bottle – maybe just not from you!

    I suggest getting someone else to give her a few bottles between now and the weekend to get her used to it and then when you are gone at the weekend, she will be fine.

    this happened to me, my daughters would absolutely not take a bottle from me when I was bf, so I used to leave the room or preferably the house when they were small and still getting used to bottles.

    Hope that helps, good luck and enjoy your few hours to yourself at the weekend, you deserve it. :D


    Just looking to see if anyone has any advice for me, am breastfeeding at the mo,

    dd is nearly 9wks and i’ve been trying to give her a bottle at night time the last few nights but she’s having none of it. She did take the bottle last fri night when hubbys mam was minding her and she said she took it no problem but we’ve been trying her every night since and she jst screams wont take the bottle at all.:(
    Have used tommee tippee and avent bottles.
    I need to get her used to bottles as I am getting my hair done at the end of the wk and i’ll be gone a few hrs so dont want her starving 😆


    Thanks Sabbi, the last 2 nights though i’ve gone up to bed and dh has been trying to give her the bottle!! the night before last she took 2 oz and then last night wouldnt take anything 🙁

    will jst have to keep trying i suppose! she’s a stubborn little girl 😆


    Stubborn eh? she must get it from one of her parents, my money’s on the daddy!! 😆 😆 😆


    lol yeah i’ll say daddy too haha!

    daddy actually brought her up to bed about 20 mins ago with a bottle and jst rang down to me saying she drank about 1 & half oz and is fast asleep lol although i did feed her before he went up aswell…

    uh oh i can hear her screaming now knew it was too good to be true 🙁


    TMI moment… have a look at your nipples and see what teat they look like 😆 😆 😆 if you have a smaller thinner nipple Nuk is best, a fuller nipple the Tommee tippee suit best

    I have some bottles heresomewhere, my ds didnt use them, they have a double teat and they have to suck like on the breast, they sell them in mothercare and smyths… will have a look and see if i can find them,


    try wrapping your daughter in one of your shirts and have whoever is giving the bottle, hold your daughter like they are nursing her with the bottle in the same position as the breast would be. Her tummy should be facing the persons tummy.

    Would also get the NUK bottle as many breastfed babies will take this bottle no problem.


    Julymam, I have tt (closer to nature) bottles, never used, if you want them?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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