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    Well, shes not a baby anymore…. :( our 11 month old girl took her first proper steps today.

    She has been hovering around the furniture and letting go for a few seconds at a time but today, she actually walked across the room.

    She waddled unsteadily to her big brother, who was very excited that she chose to walk to him.

    Very exciting but cannot believe she is at this stage already, feel like she was only born a few weeks ago and now, already she is walking.

    Its happy and sad because she is definitelty our last baby but great to see her coming on so well. She’ll be going to school before we know it (righteo, off to have a good old cry!)


    ah go little lady. It is exciting time – i love the baby waddle when they first start walking
    totally get you on the happy yet sad feeling. Can’t believe my baby is in montessori in a few weeks 😯


    Precious! Can’t believe the little lady is taking her first steps…. she’ll be flying around before you know it 😆

    Give her a Huge snuggle from me..x


    The poor little thing, her head is full of bruises from walking into things and falling over. Think we need to get her a little helmet! 😀


    wow she is a fast learner,i think that they say if there are other siblings in the house they tend to walk quicker as they want to do what their brothers and sisters are doing.


    Oh yeah, thats so true haileysmam!! She is already chasing after her siblings – this is officially a mad house!!!


    Aww thats great! Where is the time going at all?!


    God it only seems like a few weeks ago when she was born, hard to believe she is walking and soon to be her FIRST Birthday!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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