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    Hey all you M2B’s hope everbody is well.

    Can anyone recommend any baby equipment shops in Belfast or Newry. I’m thinking of making a trip up there to look at prams and stuff.



    there’s a toys r us with a baby’s r us in it, if you go to sprucefield in lisburn, just 25 mins from the roundabout at newry……it’s where the sainsbury’s is……

    other than that there’s a mothercare not great though in butterfield…..also there’s a smyths in newry so if you saw something in smyths could see what price is in newry….

    happy shopping…


    have to say i didn’t like the toys r us – though it was quite expensive


    Thanks girls, haven’t tried baby r us so will take a look.

    Just to let everyone know, I bought a travel system (pram buggy & car seat) from Kiddiecare in the UK got a great price on it and it was only £20 to ship over which I thought was good. Anyway, lovely system and its arrived within 2 days but it just didn’t fit in the boot of my car (I know, I know, duh!) but for me to return it was……..€70. So peed off with myself.

    Have now decided not to buy anything until I can see it with my own eyes – hence the trip up north.



    i got a great buggy will last for a very long time, not into the travel systems, anyway it’s a city mini elite… had fold and currently sitting in the wardrobe, and light and fits in apparently overhead on aeroplane….

    here’s link….

    was in argos in old catalogue, so if you have the old catalogue you may get old stock, was 199 got for 150euro….but i don’t have the catalogue number will have a check to see but you may find someone who has catalogue, i phoned loads of shops on ring and reserve and found it in dundalk……have added to it, like funky foot muff and raincover etc bought on e-bay, but still have tried it out on my 3 yr old to see what it’s like and believe it or not it’s lighter than a maclaren

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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