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    Got an iphone for xmas and while scanning the apps found one called "smart hands baby sign language" just like in "meet the fockers!" our baby is 6 months and we have been doing the signing for 2 week and the grandparents laughed at us but the other day our baby deffinately signed to be lifted up and then for milk!?!?!in front of granny who saw it with her own eyes!!today she was signing to be lifted up !! was kinda doing it (signing)for a bit of fun but it seems to be working!!!…then another mum told me it can be great for the terrible twos if a child can communicate through sign before speech it can reduce tantrums?!?As their frustration at trying to communicate is reduced with the ability to sign?!?!?.Anyhow just wanted to share our experiance and see if anyone else has any experiance of baby sign!?!I


    I know that Scole1 has had some experience with it…. 😉


    I haven’t done a baby signing programme but I think it all makes sense. We teach our baby signs without even knowing it sometimes. Like when we maybe claps our hands, raise up our arms asking a baby do they want up…then they start putting their arms up when they want to be lifted. Most babies love learning to wave bye-bye, blowing kisses etc. My own little ones did things like pointing to their mouth for a drink,pretending to eat something from their hands when they wanted food, putting their hands under their head when they wanted to go to sleep, squeezing their hands open/closed when they wanted more, pointing at their nappy when they wanted it changed.

    Anything that helps a child communicate better is definately a plus in my book. Makes life easier for everyone. 😀


    we did some baby signing with our first child and found it great. learned it from a book but would have liked to take some classes if they had been around – think there are classes going on in Kildare at the moment, have a look in Kildare chat, might be something in there


    I did it on ds1 but didnt do it on ds2, we did only a tiny bit with ds2 but he was dignosed as being partly deaf and we choose or felt he would be better learning the skill of lip reading rather then the signs iykwim…..

    Ds1 had perfect hearing and i started to sign to him about 8 months, he took about 4 weeks to sign back… I was taking him for a walk and he started to sign "plane" and pointing, he was only 9 months at the time! i looked into the sky and seen a plane and it took off from there…. he didnt sign when out and about but would sign alot at home, it cuts out the terrible 2 tantrums as they can comunicate… he was a late talker, my mother blames the signing but i think he was going to be late talker anyway, at least the signs he could communicate with us.

    Ds1 started to sign and remember signs for ds2, it was great fun too see them doing it together… But as i said wanted ds2 to lipread so only did basic signs like milk, food, nappy…. sure he was talking none stop from 12 months

    i would highly recommend it, it makes children uses a different part of their brain, i know a few kids who were signed to and all of these kids are very bright and clever kids, dont know if its the signing or what, but it is said that they develop much quicker
    There are 3 different kinds of sign, i choose the BSL (Brittish) ASL (American) and ISL (irish) i Found i could by more books in the likes of waterstones in bsl then isl andamazon and ebay had more choice in bsl… plus all the bbc programmes like See Hear used the BSL signs
    You will find you will get people who snigger and titter at your choice, but feck them its your child and its a brilliant way to bond with your baby…
    Good luck….. i have a bsl basic baby book here you very welcome to have it


    Thanks for all your feed back I’m encouraged to keep it up from your posts!!I have found a free baby sign website for anyone who is interested!!


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