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    Just a quick poll on baby showers, they are becoming increasingly popular (I wish someone had done it for me)


    not pregnant now but when i was this was discussed among friends i was dead against it. i am too superstiscious didn’t buy anything except 3 baby grows and vest and the nappy stuff just enough to get home.. what about everyone else.. did u stock up in advance?


    Not for me personally, but have friends who swear by them!!! It’s definitely a good way to acquire all the necessary expensive, equipment needed to start out!


    good idea for new mums 😆 I didnt have one though, but my work at the time bought me a travel system buggy 😆 and a 100 euro mothercare voucher 😆


    i had lunch with about 4 of my friends, there’s a group of 6 of us and we’ve done it for the 3 who’ve been pregnant – no mad expensive pressies mind and usually left until in week 37/38.
    We also gave a friend of mine a surprise one which she was delighted with.
    Depends on the person really


    I think a baby shower is nicer just after u have baby, my friends dragged me away from DD when she was a week old & insted of pressies for DD they had pressies for me, (they’d all bought DD a pressie & given them to us when they visited in the hospital). It was so nice to be me as well as being a mommy!!!


    i was a bit supperstious i bought a few clothes for the hosp and nappies i bought my pram aday before i had her but kept it in my mams house everting else i bought when i got out of hosp or my friends bought it for me but didnt give it to me till after i had her


    Oh I would love a baby shower, close to due date. It would be so much fun, some silly games and just small pressies. I just think it would be a nice way to ease the nerves close to the DD.


    Baby Shower is pretty cool 🙂 My sisters had one for on my first, but i could not make as i was in hosp having emer c/section as baby stopped moving!! So they rang me that nite pissed. They Njoyed it!!!

    My 2nd one was in june a wk before i was due, i made it for that one!! We has a gr8 laugh!! And i got lovely gifts…..


    The only baby shower I had was my ds peeing on me when getting his nappy changed 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    same here 😆

    would have quite liked to have a baby shower but none of my friends or family are into that type of thing and wouldn’t have dreamed of throwing me one… well my sil might have but she wasn’t around at the time
    think they’re quite a good idea as they help to keep you positive and happy which can be quite hard when you look and feel like an elephant!! 😆 😆


    meabh you are right she would definately have thrown you a baby shower any excuse for a party that one. 🙂
    They are a great idea because you can give presents and make a fuss of the mother for the last time before baby comes when everyone is making a fuss of the baby and mum is too knackered to care. I never had one and I think I would have enjoyed one especially first time around

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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