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    I think these are a great idea and wish they had been more popular when I was preggers last time. If I go again I will be dropping major hints that I would like to spend a Saturday afternoon having a baby shower.

    I was thinking that, you have a hen when you’re getting married and a party for birthdays so it would be nice to do something fun to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby.

    And, as you cannot go on the town like before you did before you were pregnant, this is a nice idea of a party for a mum to be.


    Don’t you do them over here? Sorry, perhaps stupid question…. 😳
    When I was pg with my first my nearest and dearest conspired and surprised me…. Dear Lord, the gifts that I was given for the impending arrival….
    incredible. We also used to do it for the "daddy’s-to-be"…. in the corporate environment…. the women used to love dressing up the dad and giving him all the gifts etc… Actually in saying that, I was given a baby shower, and my DH…. all his staff and work colleagues contacted us and called us both into the office one day to surprise us. Loads of fun…. and very special memories.


    They are becoming more and more popular! We’re kept pretty busy here in For Heaven’s Cake with our ‘Guess Who’ cakes!! They’re a bit tongue in cheek given that lots of ‘mums to be’ don’t know fi they’re having a boy or a girl. And of course thry’re super cute in the photos when looking back!

    I think a baby shower is a great way to get some last minute pampering in from your friends and family!! … 6534904333


    We at HEYBABY.IE,have launched our baby shower packages.
    They contain everything to host the perfect party from tableware to decorations to party games.They are proving very popular.The packages are available for 8 or 16 guests.

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    Thanks a mill Heybaby!

    The range of products on the site is just brilliant. They’ve done all the thinking for yor! We’re happy to be offering our 10% discout to all who come our way through Heybaby!!

    All things cake!!!!/pag … 6534904333


    I really like this idea….would have loved this on any of my pregnancies and if we do go again I will be dropping hints left, right and centre that I would like one. Sounds like a really fun party for the mum-to-be or maybe parents-to-be

    Cake and presents when you’re too massive to go dancing, that sounds like a good idea to me!

    If anyone has one let us know how it goes….looking forward to seeing the ‘Baby shower in a box’ tomorrow at the Bagel Bar event!

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