Baby quilts?

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    We moved baby in to her first bed tonight (cue the tears as its the last time we’ll ever use that cot – we used it for all 4 of our babies over past 10 years, just putting a new mattress in each time!)

    Anyway, we need to get her a little pillow and duvet and was wondering if anyone has tips on where to get them at good prices? We need a toddler bed size duvet, so it would be the same size as a cot/bed.

    Not sure if Penneys does anything like that and was in Shaws and M&S today and did not see anything for a cot/bed sized toddler bed.

    any suggestions welcome – thanks! :)


    BonnyBabyBunting…. Karen does them if I’m not mistaken… 😉 x


    IKEA does them, I had got one for my son when he was in the cot & it fits his bed perfectly now. Very reasonable too 😉


    smyths, mothercare, argos

    We used a child pillow rather than baby pillow – i’m sure we bought it with a single duvet though
    and for duvet i got one in smyths & onein Argos and the girls still play with them – dd1 was only in cotbed for a few weeks and dd2 straight to singlebed but the duvets were used in the cot before they moved to beds


    Will keep eye out for you about that quilt.

    Now, about that poor homeless cot 😆 …. Has it a new home lined up? I’m only asking coz ye might be up here on Thurs & I could offer ye refreshments & a guided tour of Stephenstown Pond afterwards (Think you were asking about it at some stage????)

    No harm being cheeky – happy to donate towards it…..


    Got sorted in Mothercare – delighted with the quilts, they are 100% cotton covered with duvet inside. So no changing sheets, just pop the whole thing in the wash and they are tumble dry safe too.

    My brother and his fiance are planning (hoping!) to have a baby soon and they have called dibs on the cot!

    Maybe post in swap shop and see if anyone has one going?

    HTH and hope to see you Thursday. x


    No harm asking! Know you said in swop shop sometime recently that you’d delivered a load to VdP, so was just chancing my arm.


    I gave travel cot and blankets, sheets and toys to SVP a few weeks ago. The travel cot was like new! They might still have some of the stuff there – it was SVP shop in Drogheda, across from Laurence Town Centre

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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