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    If you are thinking of getting some snaps done of your baby or family, we have some special money off vouchers for dstudios in Dublin and having been there ourselves, can highly recommend them.

    If you would like a voucher, please email us at and we’ll post them out to you.

    You can have a look at the pics they took of our brood if you would like some ideas – … #h4ab3938c


    pity they are in dublin….we tried to get a family pic of our lot with someone else, my sister won a free picture with them but my son didn’t want to sit or look at the camera sowe only ended up getting a picture of my girls
    so maybe in a few months or next year we’ll try again somewhere else


    Joey, have to say, only took us 45 mins to get in and the studio is lovely and nice and quiet and spacious, so it was worth the spin.

    If they can handle us, then they can handle any other family!! 😆

    Our 15 month old was having none of it, refused to sit and was a total nightmare and the other 3 were being little devils too, wanting to put on hats and pick up toys to play with and wanting to change their outfits – I was kind of mortified at my energetic, non-compliant children and I nearly gave up half way through but Graziola, the lovely, calm and very patient photographer, was superbly patient and just kept clicking away and somehow, despite the madness, she managed to get some truly fabulous shots.

    I am still in shock at how she managed to get such amazing pics – she is a very talented lady.

    As we have our family complete now, we wanted some good pics that will be up on the walls for a very long time, so it was well worth going in to dstudios because they did a thorough and very professional job.

    Really cannot recommend them highly enough. 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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