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    Our baby had a nasty cold a few weeks ago and she was waking up several times a night coughing and sniffling. She is well over the cold now but she has not got back into a proper sleeping pattern.

    It is taking an hour or more – sometimes literally two hours – to get her to sleep at night and then she is waking up during the night crying her eyes out for a bottle or to be picked up and cuddled. As soon as we pick her up she stops crying and on the rare occasion we have taken her into our bed, she has settled down to sleep.

    Taking her in with us is not ideal because she is a nightmare to sleep with, she flips herself over and has throttled and scrabbed my husband and me in her sleep. She is just not a still sleeper so we really don’t want to bring her into our bed because its bad for all of us and no-one gets a proper sleep.

    The other kids are starting to complain now because she is waking them up too.

    So looking for some advice about how to get her back to being a good little sleeper. she was grand before she got sick! :roll:


    ohhhhhhh i feel your pain Sabbi – there’s nothing worse than a disturbed nights sleep. Our dd1 was a great sleeper but dd2 yikes she made up for dd1 spoiling us! 🙄 and even now with dd2 being 3.5yrs old if she’s sick/wind is blowing etc she’ll be in with me for the night and dh either goes into her bed or the spare room not ideal i know but otherwise none of us gets any sleep well dh & i don’t!

    Suppose you know all the tricks really – implement a strong bed time routine to try getting her asleep easily – i never did a bath every night just never found it practical but it doesn’t have to be the full works can be just a play 10/15mins in a little warm water. Pj’s, milk, quiet time, story, bed. We never had a hard time getting dd2 to sleep it was getting her to stay asleep was the problem but my sister had a terrible time with her dd esp around the 1yr mark and a strict bedtime routine did help.

    During the night hmmm not easy don’t offer a drink, as little interaction as possible – def not easy and possible a few disturbed nigths before she settles. It could be the struggle to go to sleep that’s disturbing the night time sleep so maybe if that’s sorted the sleeping through will sort itself

    Hope she settles for you Sabbi xo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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