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    Hey everyone,
    Saw this elsewhere and was all excited thinking that dd had an original name but it was there at #98!! Am now wondering what are the chances there’ll be another Hazel in her class when she starts school! :D

    Attached the link if anyone is interested: … ynames.pdf


    that’s great to see, that’s gas my ds1 the year he was born there was 132 or so i can make out…mad eh…..

    my ds2 his name does not appear and his name i think will come back in old names are starting to come back around….my ds1 is the only boy in the whole of the creche he goes to with his name….

    we’ll see when he goes to school if that changes,… my friends dd satrted school today and she said there’s 4 girls with the same name in the class and none in the other now how silly is that….


    Sure I remember my class in school being like that, there was always about 3-4 Emmas, Lisas and a few others. I heard a woman talking the other day about how the school she works in is being over-run with Avas!


    My ds1 name was most popular in South Dublin….. so in my heart Im still a Dub


    joe was number 32 , and katie number 2 in girls , dd has no other katie in her class but there are 3 kates , as for fran dont think there will be another in the whole school didnt see it on the list at all

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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