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    Am 24 weeks in pregnancy 3. Two scans haven’t indicated any problems, but this baby much less active than the two DSs (at least seems that way). Moves a bit when I go to bed, & when I get up in the morning, but no mad kicking & jumping, & quiet most of the day.

    Anyone else have a similar pregancy & everything turned out ok? Can’t help worrying


    I found this on my first pregnancy, i couldnt feel much kicking or moving… I didnt think much of it as i didnt have anything to go on being my first, my second was a different matter, lots of big kids and movement….. where is your placenta?
    On my ds1 it was low and to the front so this took the brunt of the kicks etc… it was higher up on the second so i felt alot more movement. If you are worried talk to the midwife about it

    Dont think you can compare pregnancies as they are never the same.. i had killer heartburn on ds1 and not a bit on ds2, movement different on both and labour too

    Good luck hth


    Pookie, its probably nothing to worry about but there’s no harm having a chat with your midwife anyway, to put your mind at rest. x


    The movements can be variable.

    What they say is lie down, relax, and you should feel 10 movements /hour
    not need to be major kicks but movement.
    As well there are times of the day where the baby rest a bit more. But you’ll know when.

    But CALL a midwife, Dr on call, hospital to talk to someone professioanal.
    Don’t stay with yours doubts and worries.

    Any lack or more importantly any change of pattern as to be checked.

    My babies never moved much.
    I had to be lying down, to feel it.
    I even lie down on my belly to force to baby to move and be sure.
    I could spend nearly a day without feeling anything, but always felt enough movements when I was resting.

    But if your baby moves a lot and now less, check it.
    As well because it’s your third pregnancy, you have less time to relax with kids around, so it’s difficult to feel it.
    If your baby moves in the evening, take 1 hour everyday just for you and your baby just to count movements, relax and enjoy it.

    My babies were small, but healthy, very few movements, no major kicks. I was always anxious. But resting did help a bit to feel movements.
    Was sleeping on my belly up to 1 week before baby’s out (few days before due date).

    If you rest on your side, it should be your left side.
    From my french gynecologist, belly or left side ok, back okish but not great.
    Avoid right side (espacially if small baby, to do with arteries and veins, if you need more info just ask).

    But please talk to a midwife.
    Being anxious does not help.

    Best of luck.


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