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    Its baby loss awareness week so if you have lost a little baby along the way thinking of you this week.

    We have lost two babies and we’ll be thinking of them a little bit extra this week.

    Off to light a candle for ours now. x


    How are you doing oriordan? I know what you mean when you say society may forget but we don’t forget, so you can always talk about it on here. whenever you feel down, there are lots of shoulders on here you can lean on. x

    I find that some days, for no apparent reason, thinking about our losses can come out of nowhere and hit me fiercely and I feel like crying. And then I feel silly because I have so many good things in my life and I feel like I should be grateful for all them – and don’t get me wrong – I am very grateful – but somedays its hard. we all have those days I think….


    Ive just read this stream and had no idea. So nice to acknowledge the loss quietly with others. Its not something society lets us talk about once the event is passed. Am lighting many candles for all our angels

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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