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    And so, for the rest… photos attached…
    I’m in Bettystown…. PM me if interested. Tx!

    Bumbo : e20 SOLD

    Graco Contour Electra…. This travel cot has all the bells and whistles… in very good condition…. I’m missing the toys that hang on the toybar…. but a bit of velcro on any little fluffly teddy will do the same thing… :wink:
    To buy new would cost you in the region of e 130….. I’ll sell this for e 80

    Graco Aquarium take along swing : E 60

    Graco door bouncer : E 20

    Airplane door bouncer : E 15 (reserved for Caligal)

    Baby Bjorn carrier : denim …. E 30

    Britax Car Seat: This item is used, in that the seat cover is rather faded. However, the structure is completely sound… cost us a fortune when we bought it, and has done two kids. Very very good seat. e 40 … or%20sale/


    How much for the Phil and Teds? I’m also in Bettystown


    Sorry just saw other post


    I’d love the airplane door bouncer if you can save it for me I’ll collect it at the weekend please 😉


    No problem Caligal! We’ll make a plan sometime…. you are about to drop baba sometime REAAAALLLY soon…. so I’ll keep it for you, for whenever! No rush…xxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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