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    Right, the time has come!
    What is the point in having perfectly good baby gear sitting in the boot of my car or in the loft? I have done my bit for the population, so now I have to start letting things go….. :( :lol:

    First thing that I’ll be saying goodbye to is: (and as any mom with one knows… ’tis a sad day) :(

    My Phil & Ted buggy…
    It is used…. but loved…. :wink: so, still has many good years to come I’m sure….

    Comes with:
    Doubles kit, with attachment hinges,
    Cocoon for newborn
    bumper bar for use whilst in single mode

    I am in Bettystown.

    Now, if you are interested…. please PM me with an offer…. and we’ll take it from there.


    This has been reserved…. pending collection on Saturday. If that falls through, then I’ll re-post. 😉


    Okay, the chap that was buying it from me didn’t realise I was in County Meath, and transport is an issue for him, so, it is back on the market

    E 250 (final price) for the package…. If no takers on Mumstown today, I’ll re-list on done-deal this evening, as I had a lot of prospective buyers yesterday, who I turned down as I had "sold" it. But, will give you guys first option.


    Now gone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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