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    Finally after all the worrying and trying and fertility treatment and yrs of heart ache its all over….

    Baby Ethan arrived on 2nd feb, (12 days early) and he is fantastic…weighing in are 7lb 15 oz hes just amazing..Got him home yesterday as he had to spend a few days in special care but he it fine now….cant say how happy both myself and the dh are…just tired and i know this will get worse but i dont care…

    Thank you ssssooooo ssssooo much fro all the support from every one on here for all the advice, etc,etc…ill keep you posted on his progress…i am now a mammy…yyyaaayyyyy…

    ps…girls you were right i didnt give a shite about the grooming…lol…



    Aw, I am so thrilled for you and your DH! Welcome baby Ethan…. welcome into a world where you are so wanted, so loved… and will be cherished by your wonderful parents!

    This is just the beginning…. 😉

    Blessings to you all! x


    Delighted – Welcome Baby Ethan..
    Congrads to u both..

    Enjoy – They grow up so quickly..



    Huge Congratulations to you both,Really lovely name too
    So delighted for you,
    Welcome to the world of sleepless nights! xx




    That’s great news!

    Huge Congratulations from everyone on Mumstown.


    Love good new stories like this. Congratulations


    Drat! Bet me to it! Am totally delighted for you – I know you had a long wait to hold your precious bundle.

    Open invite to my place (Dundalk direction) – especially on the days – and there WILL be those days – when you wonder what on earth possessed you to think that having a baby would be a good idea….. Can also give you a snapshot of what lies ahead in two years, four years, six years….. My men would be delighted to educate you!

    Be warned – and I mean this is the best possible way – the higher your expectations of yourself & of motherhood, the bigger the chance of PND. Accept every offer of help & demand a little time every day / week to yourself. Not selfish at all – Ethan will thank you for it. Seriously.

    If you get a chance, get your hands on a book called How to babyproof your marriage (or similar?). Great for dipping into. Light reading. Reassures you that you are normal…

    And yeah – it is amazing how little you care about who sees your lady bits & what they look like when you are pushing a baby out! Welcome to the club, mummy!


    absolutely thrilled for you. its been a VERY long road for you and now you are finally where you wanted to – actually let me rephrase that – you are now finally where you are MEANT to be, holding your little baby in your arms. 😀

    I can only barely imagine what this means to you – its such happy news. I’m thrilled for the 3 of you.

    when you feel up to it, we will be delighted to welcome you & Ethan to our Mumstown mornings in Drogheda – cannot wait to give you a big hug and get a good look at this little fella. 😀

    and pookie is right, do not put too much pressure on yourself for the next few months. if you have a bad day (and you most probably will, its only natural!!) please come on here and spill about how you are feeling. do not let worries and stresses build up. a problem shared is a problem halved was never such an appropriate saying as when applied to a new mammy.

    we have all had days where we thought we were going mad, days we were so tired we put things that were meant for the fridge into the washing machine and vice versa! You may feel a bit mad but it helps to know others have done the same things!

    Massive congrats, give him a big kiss from all of us! xx


    Congratulations chickpea! I’m absolutely delighted for you.
    Enjoy it all – it’s such a special time.
    xx LM

    Love the name btw! Very nice.


    ah wow that’s brilliant news -absolutely delighted for you – wishing you all the best – enjoy every minute – the girls are right just go with the flow – make sure you have time to yourself and ENJOY – xoxoxox


    Ah ladies he is just a dote…all we do all day is stare at him and zone out…hes class… 😀

    Even last night he poo’d and spewed all over my lovely white duvet set whilst feeding and changing him in the middle of the night and after a little wipe down we got back into bed and slept in shit and spit…we couldnt have been happier…lol 😀 😀 😀

    Think thats what sleep deprivation does to you..

    I truely am grateful for all the advice i have gotten on here for the last 4 yrs whilst we were going through fertility treatment and losses and now finally a great, fantastic, massive happy outcome…i look forward to coming to the next get together…thanks a million guys…xxxx


    Cannot wait to meet him and to see you. Big hugs waiting for you. xx


    Oh Chickpea im delighted for you…. I was only thinking about you the other day, I didnt see any posts from you and was praying you didnt get bad news. The relief too read this post.

    I can just imagine you in the poo and spit, sure we have all been there at some stage! The joys of motherhood.

    I love his name and i cant wait to meet him and rob a little cuddle. Im so happy for you, good things come to those who wait xxxx


    If you’ll be at the Drog meeting in March I’ll drive yup frpom Dundalk to see him (if not in labour!!). Be warned, however, I will DEMAND a cuddle! Be prepared to share!

    And yeah, I get the whole staring at him as if he was the first baby ever born on the planet! Those tiny fingers & nails always got me… Been there & hope to be there soon again….

    No doubt about it, when you’re exhausted, there is a very long list of thiongs that suddenly (and rightly) become very unimportant… let the house go to hell. Tell friends you’d prefer a room hoovered ta pressie, Seriously, nobody would mind a bit….

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