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    does anyone know if theres any baby groups in duleek,
    getting fed up here in the house all day on me own


    I don’t know any baby/toddler group in Duleek but why not try if you can’t find any to start one (maybe some people who did start one could help you in the process).
    And why did you post it in Louth chat and not meath?
    I’ve seen few post in meath chat and maybe those mums from real meath (not like me, I’m in east meath, bordeline to louth) are mainly looking at national and meath chat, and maybe not in louth..
    Mumstown is going national and we could help it along the way by posting in various county chat.

    Best of luck in your search…





    didn’t post in meath coz duleek is kinda meath/louth..just on the border…
    drogheda and that is probably closer..
    theres a baby group in navan but would love if could find one closer to home…
    thanks for the reply tho your very good



    My geography is off. Never realised that Duleek what that close. I just go through Duleek when I need to go to Navan, follow the road without asking me how far I’m from Drogheda.

    There is (or was) a toddler group on Dublin road in Drogheda. Don’t know if still on and how it is but you can ask around.

    I used to go to the one in Mornington (wed and thur at 10ish).
    My kids were happy there. Met some mums, some are friends now.

    Take care


    PS : if you want to start your own group in Duleek, ask around, some mum can help you. If you want I could pm you some names.



    There is a mother and toddler group every wednesday at 10am in Duleek parish hall. Nicola runs this group and its fantastic. The mums and babies are great and everyone has a fab time and looks forward to every week. Just go to the parish hall on a wednesday morning its behind the church. 🙂


    wow thats brilliant thanks a million


    Hey There,
    Anyone know
    how old kids have to be for this group and how much it costs?



    All babies and children of all ages are welcome. 😀


    Hi, I dont know of any baby events in Duleek but if you hear of any please let me know, Im from Duleek too and getting bored with nowhere to go



    The Duleek Mother and Toddler group takes place every Wed at 10am in the Parish hall. Not sure when its finishing for the summer though. Best of luck.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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