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    Responding to comments from customers we are in the process of revamping the baby changing room in Scotch Hall and I would love to hear from anyone who has suggestions of what they would like to see in the room or if there is anything needed?

    So far the room is going to be decorated, the changing mat lowered and the music lowered.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated so we can continue to improve the centre.


    Scotch Hall


    Delighted to hear that the changing mat will be lowered!!! As I am only 5′, it was quite tricky to change my DS!

    What about a microwave and/or a bottle warmer – would be handy as some places don’t like heating baby bottles and food…


    could you not put 2 changing stations in might just cut down the waiting outside the room for some people
    if other parents don’t mind sharing the room

    good to hear they are being lowered as it was getting harder to change the kids as the got older


    make sure the room is quiet i.e. no fans, music through speakers. it was a nightmare to feed my dd with all the noises around.
    also, a chair for breastfeeding mothers would be great (something like it is in lawrences centre)
    agreed with joe_rudd – at least two rooms should be done up.


    I hate that room as the changer is far too high (fitted at waist hight for a 6 foot builder) not a 5 foot mum
    Music far too loud
    Plus always under pressure to get in and out as q’s outside….. two rooms ora room that you can share. The Laurances is very good, but they dont have a tolitel fo the mammy!!!!!


    Two rooms please!!! Or even just put a changing until into one of the disabled toilets…it’s a nightmare either waiting for another mum to finish changing her baby or having to rush because you know somebody is waiting to come in….and def a microwave!!!! It is great that the centre is asking these questions…well done!!!


    It would be nice to have one room for changing babies and one for feeding – its not nice to feed baby in a smelly room. Or you could set aside a place in the centre for baby feeding eg back of the Kylemore, I used to feed my littles one there, nice and quiet. You could set up a baby station of some sort with microwave or comfy chairs for mums to breastfeed.

    Laurence centre have a big comfy M&S chair in their feeding room which is quite nice


    True about feeding babies next to stinky nappy bins….turns my stomach never mind baby’s!!!!


    On several occasions I have queued outside this changing room with a smelly toddler in need of a nappy change only for the door to open eventually and a staff member from one of the shops come out after just using the loo. No child with them at all. Very unfair.

    I totally agree that more than one changing room would also be a great benefit. Plus the light above the changing table is way too bright. I know my son screamed everytime he was changed and I discovered it was because he was being blinded by this light. It’s directly over their line of vision..


    Thanks for all of the responses it is really great to hear.

    So far we have lowered the changing mat, painted the room and made the music quieter and we will look into the possibilty of the other things you have all mentioned.

    We will unfortunately not be able to put a microwave in the room but I will speak to all of the coffee shops in the centre to see if they will all provide this service should any one require it.


    As far as I know most places wont heat up baby bottles… and safety I think.

    Definately one room for feeding and one for changing. I remember when I was breastfeeding my baby I always went to Blanchardstown to go shopping for this reason alone. The feeding room was simply chairs for Mums to sit on and a sink to wash hands in. Very simple, nothing hectic. But at least could feed baby comfortably. I think it would be great if the centre could really promote breastfeeding as something the centre will accomodate. I know as a mum who did feed a baby that I would go there first. And no publicity is bad publicity.

    Changing areas are fine once changing table is not too high. I really hate when you’re expected to feed baby next to smelly bin!!! Not a nice experience especially if sitting there a while.



    Great to see you looking for customers’ input on this. Thanks for making the effort and making improvements already.

    A couple of suggestions:

    = Put locks on doors higher up so only the parent can reach (but allow for shorter adults). This means no young child can accidentally lock themselves in or open the door when their Mum is on the loo!! 🙂

    = Make sure the area is big enough to admit a double buggy

    = Supply a step so kids can wash their hands at the sink

    = A breastfeeding room or area would be great for those who are not comfortable feeding in public. And would mean mums do not use the changing area for this.


    Ms. Michael

    What about one on each floor of scotch hall….


    have to agree with ms. michael. should be toilets up on second floor…can absolutly guarentee as soon as we are up there toddler asks to go to toilet, so the mad dash with baby sister in the buggy down the stairs again !! 😳 😳 😳


    Can relate to that one – had a mad dash with toddler in training and baby from New Look to the loo on Friday night – luckily there was no one in it!!! 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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