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    Well after 2 days in hospital waiting to be induced baby Lorcan eventually arrived yesterday evening weighing in at 9lbs 6oz. He is a dote, I am so in love with him already. Its been a long road but we got there in the end :D :D :D :D


    Oh well done you, love the name and a huge Congrats…. 9ibs 6oz no wonder it took 2 days 😆 😆


    Thats great news…so happy for you all. Its been a long time coming and bet he is worth every second it took!!!

    well done, hope you feeling ok and getting plenty of rest.


    Wasnt a long labour thank god but am in hospital since thurs for induction but no beds in the labour ward til yesterday! Despite his size only one stitch and we are both doing great. He is a great feeder and Clares tips have been a godsend


    congrats lyn11 and welcome to your baby boy lorcan !


    So happy Clare’s tips coming in handy for you, thats wonderful! Make sure you have her number handy if you run into any stumbling blocks and have a tube of lansinoh to hand too, incase you need it!

    Let us know all the details when you get a minute.



    Congratulations,so glad that you are both doing well & that breastfeeding is working for you.also thats great that you didnt need many stitches.really lovely name,congrats again. ( i hope it wont be too long till im sharing my good news on mumstown….3 week countdown has begun!!)


    congrats lynn on your baby boy – love his name and glad your labour wasn’t long 😉


    congratulations Lyn, wonderful news baby Lorcan here safe and well. so pleased labour went well for you after all you had been thru to get him in yr arms …big boy..he will keep you busy now with feeding!

    lovely news to see on here today..well done you Lyn!!


    Thank you all for your lovely replies. We spent our first night at home last night and are both so much more relaxed. The hospital is so busy felt like we didnt get any time to chill out together.

    I was taken in to the hospital on Thursday to start induction but as there were no beds on the labour ward we had to wait until Saturday. Things moved really quickly then, they broke my waters and started drip to bring on labour and things started within minutes. Pains got very intense very quickly, and used my yoga to keep moving as much as I could on the monitors. I dreaded every time they went near that drip to turn it up anotch and asked about the epidural, luckily had reached 4cms already and they were able to do it fairly quickly, gas and air kept me going til then. I was lucky they didnt check me again before the epidural as I dont think they would have given it to me as by the time it was in I was 10cms already! (Think those points worked Mark!) Baby Lorcan was born with a bit of drama as his heart rate dipped towards the end, the midwife who was with me all day didnt even make it back from her lunch it was so quick in the end. Daddy and I held our breath until we heard those screams and in no time Lorcan was on my chest cuddled up and content. The hospital staff were lovely and even let my sister up onto the labour ward to see him as she is a doc and was due back on call.

    I am feeling great myself, its a bit strange to have everyone doing things for me tho. My Dh’s nerves seem to be passing (only child never around babies) and he is a great support. Looking forward to seeing friends and family now and settling in together as a family. Nothing will take the smile off my face 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    Well done you, I think all the hubbies are the same, its tough on them… i know they know their partner is pregnant, but when the baby arrives i think the pregnancy becomes real for the men xxxx
    Enjoy every moment


    CoNGRATS Lynn on the safe arrival of baby Lorcan.

    A nice labour and birth story too..nothng too gory just good old fashioned baby coming out!!! Great weight!!!

    Mark Acu

    Hi Lynn

    To say I am delighted fro you both is a understatement, I have just read your birth story and it sounds like Mr Lorcan gave you guys a good run for your money in keeping you on the edge of your seat for the first few mins.

    I hope you three enjoy the very special time you have together now and I look forward to seeing you all soon



    Congrats Lyn, delighted for you and your hubby 😀

    Welcome to the world baby Lorcan


    Congratulations Lyn and welcome to Baby Lorcan!

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