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    Hi there,

    Has anyone been watching this on Living over the last week? I have been staying up just to watch it. Basically, there are 5 sets of teen couples who think they have found the love of their life and that they are ready to settle down and have families. They agreed to this experiment where they would be given someone elses children for 3 days. The first three days they had babies, then toddlers, then 6 – 11yr olds and then teens.

    Last night – they thought they were finished but they were told they had to mind oaps for three days. While it amazes me that anyone would lend out their children, it was the oaps that I found really sad. Firstly, several of the teens threw major strops and did not want anything to do with old people. Of the 5 oaps, one was in a wheelchair and needed constant attention. But the other four were quite agile and had really got involved for a bit of company. There were two war veterans – who deserve the utmost in respect. The girl looking after the old man in the wheelchair, a war veteran was told that he had fought for the country – her reaction was so what, that was back then.

    The oaps had volunteered firstly to try and give the benefit of their life experience and secondly for some company – the teens mostly showed themselves up as being totally selfish and unfit to give care.


    I would have loved to have seen this, teens now days (god i feel old) have no respect for anyone or anything.

    I hate seeing gangs of them in the street its very Intimidating and they won’t move out of your way so you end up going on2 the road to get past them.

    There was a group of about 4 kids about 12 on the green in front of my house and the swear words coming out of there mouth was unbelievable. My 6 year old was out playing and told me what they were saying. I went up and gave them what for…. Mind you I got back what I gave though he gave in, in the end and i haven’t seen them since….

    babygirls 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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