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    Today we introduced babog baby bear into preschool, as we are doing irish week in school..

    the children were so excited seeing babog baby in class, and were full of hugs a cuddles for babog….

    the loved hearing the different colours, shapes and numbers as they pressed the bear…each child had a turn and took babog to play, at one stage a few children had sat pressing the buttons on babog and laughing and giggling as babog spoke…they all tried the words and repeated one after another…

    the bear is a fantastic bear and a must have bear, the children loved the fact they knew what the colurs, shapes and numbers were and hearing them in irish was fascinating…a great teaching/educational toy that the children can cuddle and learn from…

    From a teaching point of view it adds to the tools used to promote the irish language into the lives of children, it is fascinating to see how children react to the bear and how quickly they are to repeat the words compared to the bears that say the words in english…children love experimenting with new sounds and words and this bear is ideal for broadening a childs vocabulary and knowledge of language…

    we are looking forward to more fun with babog as the week goes on…now it’s about who gets to bring babog home to meet the other bears at home…lol

    there is also an iphone/ipad/smartphone app too whish does the same thing on the go and is.79c so great to have on the go too…

    the children love it and we are so happy in school playing with him and learning at the same time…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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