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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if there is any reccommendendations for what time to put a 61/2 month old to bed. I’m not big on strict routines but apparently this is best for a baby?
    We have started to put him down about 7.30 ish but I found he is now waking about 4 or 5 am and when I give him a bottle he wants to play for about an hour and a half before going back to sleep for about an hour.

    Also I find that when I lay him in his cot he disturbs and cries immediately but when his daddy does it he stays down and asleep. His dad can even put him down awake and he will drift off himself.

    Any suggestions??


    maybe try him a little later nearer to 8or after, then put down to settle himself, after a week or so he’ll start to settle himself to sleep then it’s just a case of trying to not wake so early, but babies do eventually get their own routines as long as you set them out for them….try a later bottle too, that may help


    Hi Newmomma,

    I have a seven month old baby girl. Like yourself I’m just figuring it out as I go along but here’s my two cents anyway:

    Our LO goes to bed before seven (usually) – having said that she wakes between 6 – 6.30am, and isn’t great at sleeping during the day 25 – 40 minute naps about three times during the day. Does your LO sleep much during the day? If so maybe you need to cut back slightly on daytime sleep if you want him to go to bed early and sttn.

    Regarding the early waking – when did you start weaning onto solids? If you have just started in the last few weeks maybe you need to up the size and/or frequency of his meals? Just a suggestion as our LO started waking early before I started her on solids at 6 months (with the benefit of hindsight she was probably ready to start earlier).

    Also I know its easier said than done but try putting him in his cot awake. We started this at about 31/2 months and haven’t looked back since (although she still has her off days!!). Maybe just let your DH do this for the first few nights to get the routine started.

    HTH Razzle Dazzle 😀


    PS Just wanted to add that all babies are different – I would just do what suits you and your family. This might mean going to bed at 7.30pm or later – as long as you LO is well rested and happy I don’t think it really makes a difference what time (within reason) he goes to bed 😀


    Everyone has different experiences. My own experience is that all my children have been different with bed times when really young but settled down into a routine when they were older….

    My little lad is 11mths. now and I’m not really strict with bedtimes but there is a time say between 8-9pm when he would probably go down to sleep. I know I need my own quiet time after 9ish as it can be a long day with young children. In saying that if he is really not tired (it happens sometimes) I prefer to keep him up untilhe is sleepy and then he will sleep the whole night.

    I put him into his cot awake with his few books,toys to ammuse him if he is not asleep. I leave a dim light on but keep it quiet and relaxed. ISometimes he is happy and drops off to sleep quickly but other times he needs that extra cuddle or I rub his back when he is lying in the cot or hold him until he drops off then put him straight into the cot. I don’t talk to him or play with him but just whisper and cuddle him.

    He has a bottle in the morning and breakfast,dinner,tea with drinks from a beaker cup. He has a small bottle about 4pm and a last bottle about 8-9pm. Before the last bottle I have him ready for bed and then give him the bottle so he is full and relaxed before bedtime.

    As for waking early I always found that if I increased their spoon feeds during the day gradually they slept better at night. That was usually my guide as to how to know if they needed more spoon feeds.

    He did have the occasional early wake and babies go through growth spurts and can be hungrier for a few days. When he was awake early I’d just feed him and put him back to bed with very little talk and no bright lights on when feeding him. I’d stand beside the cot saying nothing but he knew I was there until he relaxed enough for me to leave him.

    As for going down for one parent easier thats not so unusual. Mine played up on their dad but not as much on me. I found it easier to stand beside the cot saying nothing but just rubbing his back while his dad would be more ‘stressed out’ for want of a better word when the baby is upset or not settling and he picks him up quicker. I think baby knew this and played up on him more. But it will settle.

    Really every baby is different and you will find your own way that works for you. Maybe try a little later bedtime and he might sleep longer for you.
    Failing all that the good news is the clocks will be changing on an hour for summertime on 29th March so he will be going to bed at the same time but it will be an hour later……babies don’t go by the clock on the wall but their body clocks…….that might help too………

    Another good tip is to use blackout blinds or curtain linings in a baby bedroom as it keeps the room darker on the brighter summer evenings and mornings……..the light can wake them up too.

    Hope it works out for you and don’t worry……..many mums and dads have gone though this before you so you’re not the first and it does get easier.


    at end of day what ever works for you.
    if i remember rightly my little ones feeding and sleeping routine at that age was something like:

    up at 6/6.30 with bottle
    breakfast sunshine orange around 8
    bottle around 10.30/11 followed by hours nap
    dinner around 12/12.30
    bottle around 2.3/3 followed by hours nap
    tea around 4
    bottle around 6.30/7 then bed by 7.30 latest

    she pretty much slept through at that stage – now i hope i’m remembering right. I used to let her sleep in her bouncer during the day or on the couch or lying on my bed etc etc in creche obviosuly it was in cot. Then night-time I always used gro-bag and her room was dark & quiet. Re the waking up it could mean he needs more food during the day or possibly getting too much sleep during the day or again it could be teeth – it’s all a learning curve isn’t it – and as soon as you get this sorted something else will pop up!


    Hi Newmomma,

    J was never a big sleeper like ur D only took the power naps for about 20 mins at a time and even then it was only like 2 of those power naps…

    we were recommended to do the following by a health nurse which worked fantasticly for us!! although it is tru that all babys are different… ( i dnt really like strict routine either but believe me from experience of having none and now having some, u’s will all benefit from it especially because u are goin back to work soon)

    6:30-7:00- Wake- 7oz Bottle of Milk
    8:00 breakfast, one of the baby rice ones.
    11:00 3-4oz bottle again and try a nap..
    12:30 dinner
    2:30-3:00 4oz bottle (if wanted)
    4:30-5:00 Tea (mashed fruit or rice..etc)
    then bottle at half 7 and settled for night by 8
    (was recommended when J started waking earlier to give him a dream feed- basically when u are going to bed or about 10pm to give them a bottle in their sleep, wont wake them but helps them stay fuller for longer- we had to do this as J was very hungry baby! and it worked great sometimes he’d sleep until approx 7:30-8 the next morning!)

    i think 7 is a bit early for a baby that doesnt sleep much during the day because its proven that babies that dnt sleep for and hour or 2 during the day and only take naps are more likely to wake more during the night if put to bed too early… however babies who take long naps during the day are in a more relaxed state and will sleep earlier and ususally for longer, ive seen this with J aswell if on the odd day he does sleep for an hour or 2 in day come 7 he’ll be fit for bed, yet days when he sleeps for 20 mins its hard to get him to bed at 8!!

    good luck with D!! 😀


    Hi all,

    Thanks a million for all replies. I guess it is all trial and error but its great to have some general guidelines anyway.

    DS has only started on solids a few weeks. He’s on week 3 of Annabel Karmels weaning menu, so maybe I should introduce another meal before the meal planner schedule says, to fill him up a bit more. He is teething also, so theres loads going on for him at the mo. He has a cold today aswell 🙁 so hopefully will get back on track soon.

    Thanks again


    Hi There,

    Gina Ford was my bible when ds was that age.

    I know a lot of people think that she is very strict but you dont have to stick to her routines ridgetly if you dont wanto, you can use it as a guideline & adapt it slightly to suit your childs needs.

    I just loved it for back up & reassurance, especially as it was my first child.

    Even if you dont stick exactly to her routines & jut use them as a guidline the book is very useful as she gives such good advise on everything, that it is very worth having anyway.

    With my ds, hungry was usually the reason he woke in the night or early in the morning. Annabell Karmel is also really great but as others have said every child is different & boys tend to be hungrer then girls, so maybe he does need more food sooner.

    Best of luck/


    Hello there

    I agree with the above poster why not try out Gina ford after trying different methods. Never know may work for your family. 😉


    Thanks MaryE and BeyondScarlett, I might give Gina Ford a go. I had heard she was quite regimented but as you say I don’t have to follow her exactly, just use her as a reference point.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

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