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    We used to avoid this hotel because we thought it was a bit stuffy but lately there has been a change in management and they have become very family friendly.

    We went for dinner (sunday carvery, tasty and good value) and then had a few drinks in the lobby. There is a huge space for the kids to run around and they put a massive connet 4 game out for the kids to keep them occupied.

    We were surprised by how nice it was, will definitely go back.

    Its one to check out if you’re in the area and feel like grabbing a bite with the kids…


    Yes I agree, we found the hotel to be ok but its clear they have made some changes recently and its certainly better than ever. The staff are very good, very friendly and willing to help with anything, the bar has a good feel to it and the food is very good. I’ve also noticed that the hotel is getting making an effort with the community which adds to the character of the place.


    I like it for a scone in late morning. Now I’ll try it for carvery. I’m always happy to hear about nice place to eat locally with or without my children. Fabienne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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