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    In conjunction with our fabulous friends, The Lawrence Centre, thank you Susan!

    Hi all,

    Am helping out a charity that’s close to my heart and also doing my good deed for the season (ok, i know I’m early!) by selling calendars (recommended donation, 8 euro) at The Lawrence Centre tomorrow, from around ten am onwards, see below for more details…

    http://www.autismassistancedogsireland. … _2011.html

    If anyone is joining in the spooktacular celebrations going on at the centre tomorrow, come and say hi, it’d be lovely to see you and even better if you wanted to throw a few coins in the collection bucket or maybe have a calendar yourself!

    On a personal note, I’d love any company to distract me from the growing anxiety due to dd’s Big Trip Down-Under that she is departing on THIS SUNDAY!!! Looking forward to your support! lol!


    Saw a few of u yest, thanks for ur support!

    A few more of u have been asking me to keep calendars for you and have done so. Am intending to be down BB tues, so grab me then!

    Thanks a mill!


    Well done Hjs and your little helper yesterday!! My calendar is fab, and it would make a perfect gift idea for dog lovers too, gorgeous pics!


    Well all, have a good few sold now and a good few still to go.

    Thanks to all of you who’ve seen and supported the sales over the last few days, truly appreciated.

    At her kind request, have left some in with Susan from the Lawrence Centre at the Customer Service Desk, so if you didn’t manage to get into me the last few days, there are some there if you’d like one.

    Many thanks all x



    As it is the event at the centre tonight and a lot of us will be down there!

    See CS desk if you would like one.

    PS have almost 600 euro worth of sales so far, thanks all 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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