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    Aura Leisure has just affiliated itself with mumstown. We’ve attended a few of the meetings here in the Bagel Bar in Dundalk and love the "social" forum and interaction. Weve lots to offer families from parent and Toddler pool sessions, Ducklings Swim lessons, our renowned Swim Academy offering 8 levels of progression , Rookie Lifeguard courses, Teen fitness classes…the list goes on. And lets not forget you – we have activities that give you your well earned time out or "Fun sessions" in the pool geared towards family leisure time.

    So we are looking forward to working with mumstown and sharing all our knowledge, activities and tips with you….


    would love to know the price of the lessons and what age can start?? 😀


    They start from baby & mum up. Usually about 4when in on own. Lovely instructors. One of mine loved it, one didn’t. Think about E60-70 for ten lessons???? In or abouts….


    dd started 4 weeks €75 for 10 lessons
    I did the mother and toddler one with her when she was about 2.5/3 didn’t work for us as i had to get in pool and it was basically the instructor giving me instructions and me instruciting her and the minx wouldn’t do it for me BUT now she’s 5 in november and so far she’s LOVING it and is def one of the kids listening and trying to do as she’s told. Think they have to be 4 to go in water without a parent

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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