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    hi all, me and my other half were thinking of getting an aupair.
    BUT not sure if it will be right for us!
    Any one ever have one? or any one any advice? do you know anybody good?
    Any info will be welcomed. :)

    Looking forward to you reply.


    I was an au pair for a summer in London ages ago.

    Here in Ireland I’ve met few au pair. My best friend has a relative who had au pair and I’ve met them.

    Myself I’m hosting students sometimes.

    I think au pair are a good way to save a bit on childcare but you have to choose them carefully.
    And of course it’s not for you if you feel you can’t live with someone with you full time.

    Because you’re doing it to facilitate childcare and light housework but they do it to learn english (it can be very weak sometimes), so you have to spend some time teaching/correcting the aupair. She’ll be part of your family life. When you’re back from work you can’t excpect her to go in her room, she’ll want to talk and improve her english.
    As yiu know it’s sometimes difficult to be with kids no stop and you miss grown up conversation, she’ll be the same.

    As she’ll be new, you’ll have to help her to meet people her age so she’ll become more independant. But it can be hard work. Does it worth it. I think so, as your child will benefit from earing another language, and you’ll get some help at home.

    If you want to know more you can pm me.



    What did you decide? Will you get an au pair?
    If yes, from which country?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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