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    This kind of news is so very scary! I remember last year there was a boy abducted, but he kicked & bite, and managed to get away. I justthought I’d post these hints to help protect our kids:

    Explaing to children that most people care about kids and want to help & protect them – but there are some adults whotry to kidnap or hurt children. Tell them learing what to do is like a fire drill – they’ll probably never need to do it in real life. But it is very important for them to know what to do, just in case.

    1) Children are allowed to say "NO!" Teach your child that there are times when they do not have to obey adults.
    2) Practice with your child.
    3) Have a look at this website:


    even though my child is still not old enough for school i wouldn’t feel safe with him walking to school when the time came even if was around the corner…..even still where we live you cannot actually walk your child to school even if you wanted to as the roads are so bendy no footpaths and very dangerous……

    the world has got warped these days and i think that the parents should try and protect their children as much as possible whether it’s walking to or from school or even getting the bus making sure their is a trusted adult with them at all times… well as even letting your kids use the internet and not allowing them forum sites or picture sites like bebo, facebook etc anything that can give away too much information about who, where and what they do……

    the world is a scary place and i for one as a parent am terrified of the world now, i used to think that it was easier being a child not having to worry about such trouble, like rapists, kidnappers, stalkers, murderers etc and thought that as i got older the worse the world became, but i suppose it’s because i too am now and adult and i have someone to protect i have become more aware and it was my parents who sheilded me from the world……

    for all those who have been effected in someway by society i hope that you can be healed and make otherwise aware of how to be safer…


    the thing about this sick world is its not only strangers that you have to protect your children from it could be someone your child know which statistically it usually is!

    so as long as your child knows what to do in those kind of situations and trusts you enough to talk about it even if something happens ( which i hope never does) thats all you really can do!

    personally i think all those people should be locked ina room and burnt alive 👿 😯 ….drastic but thats my view

    i’m not going to let my child walk to or from school by themselves not around here its way too dangerous


    Other children in L’s rang 1 class walk home by themselves but I am having none of it (even if I am only across the road @ my friends house)

    I know how cute my baby girl is & who wouldn’t wanna kidnap her so nope not taking any chances 🙂


    I wouldn’t dream of letting my child walk home on her own from school, regardless of how close the school is to us…. in this day and age you cannot take any risks at all, you cannot trust anyone and anywhere. I used to walk the mile home from school on my own when I was in primary, until one day a car kept passing me (about 5 times), then stopped and just started ‘chatting’ with me – being only 10 I knew no difference, but thankfully a neighbour pulled up also as he didn’t like the look of the car or man and brought me home – it may have been innocent, but you just never know.


    no never dd gets the bus to school and the bus driver knows who gets on and off the bus every day


    No I wouldnt, but I do believe that walking to school is great for kids, so I would plan to walk with ds if he goes to congress Ave
    Also I believe there is saftey in numbers and tell kids to stay together as a group and watch out for each other (we had a child kidnap in our area and all the parents were afraid it would happen again, Philiph Keirns was never found!)
    I do also think what joey said is very valid, that its nearly always someone know to a child who abuses rather than a stranger.

    I think kids now days have access to far to many information outlest, like phone, tv, internet.
    My father always gave out to us for walking home from the bus stop or school the same way, he said you should always giggle your routine incase some one would be watching us to kidnap us. He did panic a bit and did make us do fire drills in the house, dh and I have a fire plan too… we have two routes out of the house one front the other the back and for dh to take ds and once out you stay out no matter. (two cousins were killed in a fire about 30 years ago so always being on my parents minds)

    Get a fire drill or escape route for your family, have window keys etc… Go over it with kids, if there is a fire do they wait in their rooms, who gets who? dad gets boys mam gets girls etc… It could save a life if they are imformed and have a clear plan in their heads…. might be a south dublin thing but scoles’ family also had a fire drill plan.


    yeah we did we had a small window in the bathroom that we had to climb up on from the bath to the sink then up…..eldest brother out first then i’d pass little brother then i’d be out, onto the carport roof stay there, with younger brother older brother would get help then we’d climb down when he got help….we were told to get ourselves out first before looking for our parents….mad but thankfully we never had to do it…..had practise runs though but never for real….will do an escape route one of the days with dh and ds….important to think of….



    Just seen this post and wanted to mention without frightening anyone too much, be extra careful in Scotch Hall……

    A friend of mine who is spiritually attuned like me had a weird feeling over some morrocan looking men in Scotch Hall recently, they seemed to be watching her children and she mentioned it to the security guys and they were very concerned so never be afraid to mention to them if you see anything suspicious, I had a similar experince with a foreign looking couple the week before felt they were following me to close and watching DS to close and strangely…….I must enthasise these were just feelings, hunches…..but as this topic has come up I thought i would add to it……we all need to be so aware all the time……

    Moonflower x


    I had the very same thing happen to me, but it turned out they had 3 kids with them, who were in the lifts going up and down…..dh said I was mad and they might have been looking for their kids who where running a muck in the place.

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