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    right have a rant

    hubby made an attempt to travel to work from Navan to Clondalkin yesterday evening as he was on nights.

    he left the house at 520 and at 545 he only made it 3 miles fromt he house , as the roads were lethal , got alot of skids and cars skidding toward him.

    He called work and told them and he said he was not travelling they told him THEY WERE TAKING AN ANNUAL HOLIDAY FROM HIM :evil:

    Is this right , should he argue his case ? I think it should be Force Majure (SP).

    He will have to do the same tonight , there is icilies hanging off the door handles of the car :) lol


    Almae, that is terrible, does his employers not watch the news ???

    It is not worth it, risking your life trying to get to work, no way, he should deffo argue his case.


    almae unfortunately the law in relation to Force Majeure leave states that this leave is
    "" for urgent family reasons, owing to the injury or illness of any of the persons listed below.
    a child or adoptive child of the employee;
    the spouse of the employee, or a person with whom the employee is living as husband or wife;
    a person to whom the employee is in loco parentis;
    a brother or sister of the employee;
    a parent or grandparent of the employee;
    persons in a relationship of domestic dependency , including same-sex partners""

    In relation to annual leave – annual leave is generally at the employers discression but usually the employer and employee come to an agreement about when it is to be taken. In our place depending on circumstances – and how much holidays an indiviual had built up we would possibly let them take the time at their own expense.

    I’m not sure if the employer can just "take" an annual leave day, maybe give nera a call to see if they can.

    I would have thought employers would be undertanding and willing to work with staff.


    Yeah ,employer is within their rights, when i use to work in the bank in dublin city centre, we use to have to take Annual leave if we missed a day because of the weather/ train problems. I can see both points of view really. I know some cant make it to work because of the snow but then again its hardly fair on those who do make it to work. Plus it was my choice to live so far away from my employment.

    I actually had to abondon my car this morning as i got stuck on way out of estate, i just rolled car back into side road and left it there & then i carried a crying two year old through the snow & ice until we got out of the estate where i rang a taxi to take us to the creche & work.

    I have to say im so over the snow, hate it now & seemingly we have 10 more days of it.


    in my hubbies instance a majority of his collegues live within a 2 mile radius and walked to work ,one didnt go in from harolds Cross, few form navan, westmeath , wicklow mountians.


    my dh is the same he said if the weather is as bad in the mornng he isnt going to bother!!! He has no holidays left so he will just have to be docked for the day


    I think it all really depends on the Employer. Some companies letting all employees go at lunch time each day to ensure everyone gets home safe. My boss sick all this week so we are coming in when we can and going home before it gets dark. Heading home at 2 today.

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