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    Hi girls, can anybody tell me exactly where it is, is it open all day, how much and is there food available?

    Thinking of meeting someone there with our 3 yr olds.


    Hi there
    Do you know the swimming pool in Drogheda? Well its just beside the pool.
    If you dont know where the pool, when driving along the main road past the bus station, keep going straight towards the bridge of peace, just on the bridge vere left (rathmullen road, where playground is) continue on up the road/hill and Astrotots is up on the left, just after the building site you cant miss it.

    The play centre is down stairs and they sell nachos and popcorn, upstairs in the bar they do food all day I think. Itscalled Nano Reids you could give them a call before you plan your day.
    Astrotots is open from early morning but not sure of the time, the earliest I have been is 10am and I guess it stays open till early evening


    hi there,

    i go there every Saturday morning and sometimes during the wk if i am off work. Like Taylor said 10 seems to be the time, it is a lot quietier then the kangaroo club which is alsonearby.

    I usually get into the play area with ryan and he has a great time jumping in and out of the balls and climbing through the tunnels. I think there is a mother and toddler group there every Wednesday mornign from 10.30 till 12.00 i am in work that day so i go to the mother and toddler group in the kangaroo club on a monday.

    the only thing i don’t like about it is they don’t have enough trucks, cars to go around which usually ends up with toddlers screaming at one another. It is great fun though


    Thanks so much girls.
    I’ve been to the play ground, so I have a good idea where it is now.
    Is it possible for me to drink coffee while they play?
    I’ll be just out of work with zero energy! 🙂


    Im not sure, we have coffee but we only go to the Wednesday coffee morning. You would be better giving them a call.
    Sorry I cant help


    Ah no worries, I’ll let you know next week what I thought, thanks anyhow 🙂


    We have brought DD and got a coffee and brought it back in with no problems.


    yes you can eat snacks and drink coffee while they play, and staff will go out to the bar and fetch it for you too if oyu ask


    Oh thats good to know, I never get food or snacks there


    AH coffee i usually buy mine in the centra beside Astrotots as they never seem to be open for coffe when i go in at 10

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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