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    I haven’t been to Astrotots in Drogheda (apart from a party drop-off for DS1!), but was thinking about taking DS2 for his 3rd birthday. I don’t want to do a full on party really, but maybe take the two boys and meet up with a couple of their little cousins or something. I’ve looked on the website and it says it’s €6 a child on saturdays, but has anyone been there on a saturday morning? Is it just mad with parties etc on saturdays? Will he like it or maybe be a bit small? I was thinking of taking them in the morning, but still not sure whether it’s a good or bad idea!!

    What do you think? Advice please? Oh how I wish I had summer babies so we had more choice for entertainment come the birthdays!! :)

    PS Any similar ideas/recommendations would be gratefully received. His birthday is early December. x


    My kids love that place, it can be a bit manic on Saturdays, but not sure about early mornings, most of the parties are the afternoon, give them a ring and see if they have parties booked at that time.
    My boys also love the Kangroo Club, i think its only 5e per head


    Ooh I forgot about the Kangaroo club, they loved that one too, and I actually went to that one with them (for a party)! I will have to find out what time they open… Thanks! x


    PJ’s in balbriggan is brilliant, we’ve had a few parties there and the kids love it. You get a hostess and it makes such a difference and the kids get to play, dance and eat a nice dinner and also, get goody bags and each get a go around in the cars. Its our kids favourite birthday spot.

    Astro Tots is a grand spot too, our kids really like it in there. there are good party options so ask when you call up to see what’s on.

    Funtasia in Bettystown is a good one too, the kids are closed in and there is a seating area for parents upstairs, we like it in there and not expensive for parties.

    HTH – happy party planning 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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