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    What on earth is happening to this story?

    Now, the parents are suspects!

    Blood found in their rental car!

    Blood found on the wall of their villa!

    What are your views?


    the police are saying the parents are the main suspects, but if they really had something on them would they be allowed to roam free and allowed to go home?
    Plus the car is a vital clue but it hasn’t been taken away from them, they are still using it!

    The police have stopped looking for madeleine, and they need to be seen doing something to back this decision up…they have no other people that they can question so thats why i think they are paying so much attention


    it’s a strange one really don’t know what to think really….odd very odd…..


    I think they are being used as scapegoats.
    The case had a huge affect on toursim in Portugal and the people of pra de luz didnt like the McCanns hanging about like a bad smell.
    Has the blood in the car been confirmed as Madalines blood or just someones blood?
    I do think that they are very cold and dont show emotion very often, this morning was the first time I heard the fathers voice falter.
    I think leaving the kids alone was wrong but I dont think they did anything wrong, they are just easy targets….. but even over here they would be suspects, as they were the last to see her.
    I dont know but its a sad sorry suitation and in the end there is a young child either still missing or dead, there are no winners here.


    I kinda think they’ve been through enuf without being eaten alive by the media, innocent until proven guilty doesn’t jump to mind with this case, it seems more like mud sticks unfortunatly.


    i have to say id be totally shocked if what the media and the portugese police were right. i dont think they have anything to do with it, the port police have nothing else to go on so they are easy targets. we’ll just have to sit back and wait i suppose


    In my opinion the portugese police are under so much pressure from the media to do something more to find maddie or at least find out what happened her that they are using the mccanns as scapegoats. Its ridiculous…when after 25 days would they have had the chance to move a body when they were under so much scrutiny from the media??? They were with their friends when they discovered Maddie was missing….so they are supposed to be involved as well..its all a bit far fetched for my liking and they have little or no evidence to prove their claims.


    nightmare from every angle…………. 🙁


    I do think that they are just trying to make up for the fact that they have made no progress in finding her, they should put their time and effort into finding the little darling rather than hassling the McCanns.


    just on sky news papers outlining case against maddies parents to be passed to public prosecuter in portugal…… not looking good ….

    what an earth has happened to that poor girl…..


    I wish they would find her – hard to say but even to find a body would start to bring some closure to it.
    Surely they must have some evidence to convict them, they can’t do it without any??


    I’m 100% certain that they did not do it the police are clutching at straws and they wanted the McCann’s gone. The seem to be doing nothing of any use. Those poor people have suffered every parents worst nightmare and that poor child it does not bear thinking about what has happened to her.


    horrible as it is to say I wish they’d find her even if it has to be her dead body, the wondering where she is must be killing her parents (unless they know)


    Oh god this is a hard one isnt it!! I dont think they killed her at all. They look soo broken hearted. My thoughts are with them all the time and little madeleine. Just come back from Holidays and my god i didnt let abbey out of my sight not even to go into the loo on her own if i was standing outside i just went in with her! She was like Mammy im doing a poozy i was like yeah just hurry up ya grand the bold man will get ya if ya go anywhere on your own! 🙄 Im putting the fear of god into her thats so bad isnt it! I want her to safe but your kids are just never safe enough in our eyes!
    Please god they will have it resolved soon xx


    According to Sky News a full DNA match of Maddie has been found in the boot of the hire car which they hired 4 weeks after she went missing?????????

    This is really weird???????????????/?????????? Could it have been off there clothes or something from before?

    One thing has always been strange about this case is when I look at that web site that team maddie made…

    Gerrys Blog/ Diary. They must be super human I know for a fact if my dd was missing I could not do any of this or even brush my hair or change my clothes…..let alone write blogs/ fly around the world etc etc

    Oh its all too mad. the main thing is that she is found …

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