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    Hi Ladies ,

    Most of you probably know a bit about me by now. :wink: My Name is Alison & I am a qualified Aromatherapist. I am based in Navan .
    I just want to give you a little insight into Aromatherapy and how it can help you.

    Aromatherapy can help everyone in many ways and it should not be turned away from . We should not be afraid of the powers of natural Essential Oils.
    Aromatherapy is the controlled and informed use of essential oils to help or improve the health of the client it is also excellent for the Mind,Body & Soul .Essential Oils can be used in pregnancy when you are suffering from morning sickness to delivery .
    Essential Oils can help Babies with Colic , Eczema & Cradle Cap. Essential Oils can help all ages from babies to the Elderly

    Aromatherapy can help with relief of many complaints such as

    ~ Morning sickness
    ~ Nausea & headaches
    ~ prevent & heal haemorrhoids
    ~ Pain
    ~ Backache
    ~ Labour Pains
    ~ Skin Rashes
    ~ Stress & anxiety
    ~ Blends for Stretch Marks
    ~ Lack of sleep & fatigue
    ~ Digestive problems
    ~ Fertility Problems
    ~ Arthritis
    ~ Sinus
    ~ Head Lice
    ~ Period Pains
    ~ Depression

    There are many ways Aromatherapy can help you, from Massages to Blends plus more

    If you would like more info please pm me .

    Thanks Alison

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