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    I never agreed with his politics but I always kind of liked Arnold Schwarzenegger. He and his family seemed really tight and close. He and his wife appeared to be still very much in love after 25 years of marriage and I respected the fact that they even got together, considering she is a Kennedy and staunch Democrat and he is a Republican. Anyone who can manage that kind of conflict in a marriage, I admire.

    So I was really shocked to hear he has had an alleged string of affairs and has a confirmed child, to another woman. Not only was he hiding the child and the affairs, he bought the woman a house, worth 250,000 dollars and his wife did not know about it.

    I can barely buy a mascara or lipstick without my husband knowing about it, imagine having so much money and being so secretive, you could buy your lover a house!!

    Its incredulous. I know its just another in a long line of political scandals but the way the were portrayed in the media and his rise to fame and into politics was all just a sham. despite preaching family values constantly, he obviously has none.

    What is wrong with these men???


    It looks like money and power make men loose their family values!

    Glad we have neither 😆



    I never liked him …..i remember seeing him on the Big Breakfast on Channel four and he slobbering over the presenter on the Big Bed ….his hands on her legs …..ooooo yuk 🙄 There were rumours about him for years and years. He married waaaaaaaaaaaay out of his league – it was Marias standing and family name that got him where he was in politics – he was only a jumped up action hero before that……


    One only has to watch his early film "Pumping Iron" to see what he is like. He has incredible single minded ability to focus which has help him achieve whatever goals he aims for.

    He married a Kennedy to help his career. Just another calculated decision in the game of chess that is his life. I know he grew to love Maria but that was not the original draw.

    I don’t think the house maid is any better in this situation. His mistress and wife were pregnant at the same time FFS!!!! What kind of woman would continue to live in a household for an additional 10 years after the child was born?!?!

    They both have deplorable moral character and deserve each other IMHO!!

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