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    I am booked in for a section on 12th june as my baby is breech. I have had conflicting advice from several pharmacists about taking arnica in pregnancy and while breastfeeding and was wondering if you could please clarify if it is safe to take pre op and while breastfeeding?


    Only take arnica after the operation. Remedies work by stimulating the bodys own ability to heal itself. It is not a good idea to take it before hand – if you do the body will start the process of repairing muscle damage when there is no damage to work on and this is best avoided.

    There are a number of different remedies that are really helpful in promoting a speedy, problem free recovery after a section. Also there are remedies that have the ability to turn babies that are lying the wrong way.

    Homeopathic remedies are also brilliant post delivery if there are breast feeding difficulties or hormonal issues – e.g. tearfulness, sadness, anger.

    Remedies are very gentle acting and safe to use during pregnancy and on new born babies. But there are a few fundamental rules (which are quite different from how we use conventional medication) that are important to follow otherwise you can end up overstimulating your system. Have a look at my website and please give me a call if you’d like to know more. For women in your position – labour pending – the consultation is based around issues that are likely to come up and what remedies will help. I give a number a remedies to take away with you – with clear instructions on when and how to use them – and you can contact me afterwards if you have any queries or questions about what remedies to use and how best to use them.

    Hope this is of help to you.

    Warm regards,


    I took Arnica after my section and i was breastfeeding, i cant remember if i took 30c or 100c, i think it was 30c!! I went back to my gp at 6 weeks for my check up and he couldnt find my scar it had healed sooo well, he said he had seen scars 6 months down the line that hadnt healed as well.
    I would recommend taking it


    thanks 4 ur replies!!

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