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    have been trying to buy an item in Argos since Dec, it was makred "less then half price" but not in sock, then went back up to full price, i still tried to buy it, but no still out of stock..
    Tried again during the week and now down to 1/5 of the orignal price (again marked less then half price) but out of stock…. i went to Drogheda during the week and the a lovely girl checked other stores and the warehouse…. she told me that this item has been out of stock since Dec, she thinks its a supplier issue, That fine things happen, but how can they put an item in and out of sale with big red writing LESS THEN HALF PRICE…. when they know full well the dont have the item and havent since early December
    The more i think about it the more annoyed im getting, surely they cant advertise an item and putting it inot a sale etc if they dont have the item in stock?


    Have to say when I had an issue with price I found their customer service second to none and would happily buy again. I bought a bed, on sale price. I paid for it and was waiting on delivery. A few days later there was an extra 10% off all furniture so when I rang customer service they gave me the extra discount also and credited my card 🙂

    I suppose in this case they have no real control of the advertising as it was probably drawn up before they were out of stock…or maybe they just sold stock very quickly.


    I find that often happens with Argos – they do not stock everything that is in the brochure. I think you can order it though – if not in stock. If you do order, you can get at the current price.


    This is an internet only item, it went out of stock in Dec and it has been in 2 up to half price sales since then!!!
    It had had 4 different prices since before xmas, yet the item hasnt been in stock…
    Can a store put an item on sale at a sale price if they dont have it in stock, i will give there customer service an email or call…. but think the Dept of Consumer Affairs needs a bell too


    I would talk to their customer service as i agree i find them great if you have a problem…we have taken 2 electrical items back that we had no receipt or proof of purchase & they refunded both items without too much problem at all….

    so if its a price issue i am sure if you fight your corner you will come out on top with them as they do seem to want to please the customer which is great to see!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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