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    Hi everyone,

    we have had something in pipeline for a while now and thought I woudl ask on here for your input….

    we are possibly going to move to Tenerife to buy a little cafe in Los Gigantes but with current credit crunch we knwo we need to do our reasearch very well on thsi option, so just wondered how many of you plan to stil go abroad this year for a sun holiday……

    if you wouldnt mind letting me know via the poll that would be great…

    many thanks

    Moonflower x


    nope not this yr as new baby coming. going to go to donegal for weekend maybe in aug


    Hoping to head to America next year.. Never been, my sister lives there – has been there for 16yrs – comes home regularly

    Have booked a week in Kerry in July – got a great deal.


    Not at the moment as with ds communion and a few concerts coming up im smashed, but maybe if i got a late deal in august i might.


    will go to portugal in november but off season, got flights for 4 of us and accomodation for just under €700 – only going because i won’t be able to take full maternity leave so taking a week out with family before returning to work full-time – also some of dh’s family will be there too and probably work out cheaper than england for a week!


    wow moonflower, that’s great news do you know tenerife well…my gran lived there for years and years before it became a popular place, i did know it well, when i was small…..loved going there, never experienced tenerife in teenage/adulthood though…..she lived in los cristianos……
    and my mom hopes to return there this year as a memory to my gran so i may go with her, and wow if you’re out there we’ll defo pop in…..

    we’re going on holidays this year a first of sun holidays we’ve had as a family, we’re going to go in sep though to portugal when the kids head back to school, i know ds will miss first week of montessori but i don’t mind he’ll settle in fine….

    you may find that people will head on holiday they may not think they can afford to go and then when deals come up and they put them against holidaying in ireland they’ll head away….again everyone’s situation is different…….

    best of luck, very excited for you….have you any spanish??? also what about M they have spanish flash cards in tesco….


    Hi scole,

    he can count a bit in spanish and where he had been around french speakers a lot he is very used to hearing a different language so I would hope he would pick it up quite quickly….we were shocked at how many ex pats dont bother learning language…

    like you i used to go there each year with my mum when we were young but stayed away for years as it got a very bad name but we couldnt believe how lovely it was when we went back last year…

    we have a few other options up our sleeves different countries but i used to own a cafe in uk and sold it to move over here…….so seems like a good plan B when plan A doesnt go quite to plan 🙂


    well moonflower, you grab it with both hands whatever’s meant to be is meant to be and sure what a perfect time to go with M, he’ll be fine….

    I admire what you are doing and think it’ll be a great experience for you and your family, also the reflexology you can use that too while over there…..door are open and it’s up to you guys to use them fair play…..

    i know it’s amazing ex pats don’t bother but all in all the locals prefer when people make an effort and what harm will it do anyway learning to converse with the locals, they at the end of the day when high season over are the ones that will make or break you…..

    think it’s great and great too see very encouraging….thrilled….think i’m more excited lol….


    Hi Scole1,

    I’m a bit offended by your post.
    I suppose it wasn’t against me but …
    I’m one of those expat who didn’t bother learn english before my stay here.
    I’ve never seen myself as an expat but I know I am. Don’t think any of my friend sees me this way.
    So I didn’t bother but I still think that I’m accepted by the locals and able to communicate enough.
    (some of you know me, do you see me as an expat or just another person living locally?)
    I knew 6 months before that I was coming here (by personnal choice), and didn’t bother to join a class in my country of origin for many reasons.
    I arrived here with a basic notion of english.
    Just jump into it.
    As I like talking, I just talked, never tried to meet any other expat from France. The only french persons I know have been introduce to me by a irish person.
    I believe if anyone puts its mind to learning a new language (english for me or spanish for Mooflower)once your in your country of adoption it’s not too late and doable.
    And it’s actually easier than taking a weekly class.

    My regret is that I didn’t join a english class here in Ireland (not taking a class in France was never a regret.
    But 1 month after I arrived I was working with a mad commute (nearly 3.5hours/day) I didn’t have the time to join a class.

    Now it’s too late, the mistake I’m making are too deeply in me and my english will not really improve.

    Talk soon,


    Hey moonflower sounds exciting really. Good luck to you and i just wanted to add spanish isn’t THAT hard of a language i’m sure you will all pick it up in a matter if time. 😉


    Hey Fabs…dont take offence…i think what we both meant was that many "expats" (particularly english speakers 🙂 ) move to a foreign country where language is not english and expect locals to speak to them in english…

    your english is great even your written english i dont think many on here would knwo yoru were french from your posts…

    thanks for your encouragement BeyondScarlett…i hope i can pick up the language…have tried evening classes in spanish years ago but just couldnt get into it…hope now i am that bit older i am that bit wiser! 🙂


    hey fabienne, sorry if you think i was getting at you, i think you make a huge effort, you’re different as monnflower said expats going to say france spain italy or where ever that are only english speakers and expect the locals to speak to them in english and not bother trying to speak to the locals….for me it shows lack of respect, like if i were to go to a village where nobody spoke a word of english, i would try my very best out of respect and i think locals would respect me back because i would have made an effort, whereas if i just spoke english to them and they didn’t understand and persited to speak in english they would not respect my efforts at all….true?

    what you have done is totally different…..yeah you said you had basic english you didn’t do a course, but you make the effort to speak english and write in english, you don’t look at the local butcher and expect him to speak to you infrench, whereas if that were an expat some don’t bother at all to even try and converse with the locals, they would expect if they walked into a butchers and ask for something they would expect the burtcher to respond in english….that’s what’s annoying they don’t even try…where you have and honestly from having spoken to you i did think you learned english before you came here….
    i think you have done great conversing here and you should be very proud……sorry if you thought i was targeting people who haven’t done courses, but you didn’t but you try that’s the difference….

    don’t know if made any sense up there, but anyway… of luck….fabienne you are classed as a local….


    I agree Fabienne you have great English


    🙂 see everyone thinks your english is fab …Fabs!! 😆

    seriously thats why you make such a great french teacher….you know how to pass on tips to learn language from personal experience not from being shown it on a course textbook fashion…….


    Thank you all.

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