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    I was in a shopping centre in Dublin with my daughters today. It was busy bit not too busy. They had big yellow arrows on the floor to make it clear which was we should walk. One side of the aisles was for walking one direction and the other side, for walking the opposite direction. It was very clear and we adhered to the rules but I was shocked at how many people just ignored the sign and walked whereever the heck they wanted to.

    In a shop, walking along the side with the arrows pointing in the direction I was going, a woman barged into me and nearly knocked me off my feet! She scraped my arm with a hangar and didn’t even say sorry, she just pushed me away and barged off. What the heck? no apology? totally rude!

    and it wasn’t just her, there were other people flouting the ways to walk. how are we supposed to get back to a safe environment and not spread the Coronavirus to each other, if people cannot even walk the way the arrows tell them to.

    it made me really scared and we left soon enough. I had my mask on but even still, I didnt feel very safe. I’ll be avoiding the large shopping centres for a while until things get safer.

    has anyone else noticed people pushing and shoving? It makes me want to stay home.

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