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    Every time I hear about the Quinn family on the news it makes my blood boil. Patricia Quinn has been told she has to repay a loan of 3 million that she took out in 2006 – in her own name – and her defence is that she is ‘just a homemaker’ and has ‘no business savvy whatsoever’ and was ‘put under pressure to get that loan’

    I find it insulting that this is her defence, it suggests that stay at home mums have no experience when it comes to financial matters – when in fact, the complete opposite is usually true.

    How dare they use her being a homemaker as her defense and paint that as a negative thing – I have heard some people using ridiculous excuses to get away with fraud etc but this one takes the biscuit.

    and as for her claims, she was put under pressure from her husband to get the loan – well, she is chairperson for multiple companies so surely, she actually has a brain and had to at least meet with the bank and discuss the loan – as it is in her name.

    sorry for the rant but I find it so insulting to mothers across the country that they are trying to get her off by saying she is stupid because she has beena homemaker for 36 years. :twisted: :twisted:

    Mark Acu

    Hi Sabbi

    I can only imagine how an awful lot of women around the country are feeing after hearing that load of total waffle she came out with. Its beyond belief that the whole situation is being blamed on other people, what happened to personal responsibility, on her part but also on her husbands. No bank held a gun to either of their heads and ordered them to take out loads. One thing did GREED.

    She is from Cavan and so am I originally, and I know la ickle ladies from the ICA crew up there will be B**** slapping her with their homemade apple tarts which they quite happily made on their own without their husband demanding that they did. 😈

    One final word to others like the Quinns ……….. Karma 😀



    Mark you made me laugh there – the idea of someone chucking an apple tart at her – priceless!

    In a deranged way they must have been trying to gain sympathy from women by making her out to be helpless & vulnerable but she has just annoyed us beyond belief with those ridiculous claims. silly woman. and they said that the loan was to do up their house. OMG – is it painted in gold paint???!!!

    agree, its karma, what goes around come around.


    I was going to post the very same thing up here, i was spitting chunks at the tv when i heard what her defence was… 3 million personal loan THAT WE THE TAX PAYER ARE NOW PAYING FOR and she has the balls to stand up and say "i didnt know what i was signing for" The 3 MILLION was used to renovate there Cavan house, did she never ask as "just a homemaker" who or what was paying for all the works on her "home!"

    You can blame Bertie, Brian Cowan and co for the downfall of this country, in my yeas Sean Quinn and Co have alot to answer for… he took down Anglo! They have an utter cheek, going through the courts in Belfast

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