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    Hi there,

    After reading the article about the little boy who was seriously injured even though he was in a booster – I now wonder are they actually safe?

    According to the law – I could put my three year old onto a booster seat. She is tall for her age but I would definately not feel safe with her on one. My five year old has a booster in one car and a high back booster in the other. I can see a marked difference in how he is restrained. He seems so lost in the actual booster – there is no comfort and he seems to fall about a lot. Also, the booster shift about – there is nothing to hold them in place. His tends to go forward and him down behind it.

    Going shopping this evening – that article has me totally freaked.


    Thats awful about that little boy. Personally I wouldnt feel safe putting my 3 year old in a booster seat, They just dont seem safe or secure. I have him in a high back booster with side impact protection and thank god I have because a lady crashed in to the side of my car a few weeks ago and only for his seat he would have hit his head off the window. Better to be safe than sorry


    My almost 5 year old is in a car seat with side arms, back and seat. It can be made into a booster seat when she is older but for now, happy to keep her more secure. It is straight backed and bigger than a toddler car seat, so she can sit up straight but its more secure than just a booster.

    after reading about that poor little boy, I would not feel safe having her in a booster.

    That was awful. Poor little lad.


    my 5.5yr old is in a high back booster and will be for as long as i can keep her in it – we move it from the car and van when necessary – i do have just a booster seat – i bought it for my nephew but i only ever use it occassionally is we have my niece or nephew in the car

    my almost 3yr old is in a 3-2-1 evolva and i still have the 5 point harness on it – it can be changed to a high back booster but as long as she’s happy with the 5 point harness and is comfortable i’m leaving her!


    I kept them in high back and sides until 5 – 6.
    Now the other day I saw a booster seat in a bag for traveling in planes, that you inflate, with EU securtity labels. Thinking of it as not always easy to bring normal booster seat in plane.
    But booster in a bag are still expensive.


    My 3 children, 8,6 and 3 are all in those high backed booster seats- I don’t have an issue with it (and neither do they) they have to sit in them, the same as they always have to wear their seat belts. I don’t see a reason to change them to just the base…. might as well keep them as secure as possible


    Girls i wouldnt really worry about what happened in the car crash, i think if there were any issues the RSA would have brought it to light over the last 5 years…. that woman cross the middle of the road while looking at animals in a field!!! She did in her fecking arse, what was she doing counting the sheep? i bet she was on the phone or texting! How long were her eyes off the road that she didnt notice herself drifting head on into on coming traffic, she also had no insurance! Maybe the seat belt wasnt looped into the clip part of the seat, if a booster is used in the correct manner i can see how the child could come out if it and over the belt, the belt retracts you in a split second in a cars as soon as forward motion is detected, you might notice this when trying to belt up in a hurry and the belt wont move…. if in a booster with back and sides with the belt in the clip and also running under the arm rests and the hight adjusted to the correct height for the child so the belt is running at the childs shoulder, not a few inches above or below, a child couldnt come over the belt!!! I dont think we heard all the details in that case….. if it looks and smells like shit it usually is!!

    My ds1 is 6 and a big tall child is still in a high back booster, most days… other days he sits on the base boosters, ds2 who is 3 and also a tall child is in the high back booster and has been in one since he was 2 as he was too big for the other seats

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