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    Hi there, just to let people know that Ardee Bridal has closed!!

    My SIL has been left without bridesmaid dresses and her wedding is on the 18th June! She found out by accident that it had closed and was even speaking to them the week before about when the dresses were due in… such bad form!

    So we are heading to Dublin Sunday to see if we can get sorted!


    oh God that is terrible…

    hope she gets sorted…there’s a place out near donamede (you know near Clarehall) there’s an industrial park there think it’s the bridal outlet…

    found it


    yikes i hope you guys got sorted yesterday
    unfotunately there is so much of that type of thing going on at the minute


    Got sorted in Debenhams yesterday thankfully!

    It is scary how much of this is happening but the attitude of the lady in the shop was such bad manners – she sent my SIL a letter (after we found out) handwritten on a invoice page from a duplicate book, just saying that they couldn’t honour her order, not even an apology!


    Shocking. Thank goodness she found out now and not when its too late. Balbriggan Bridal are quite good if anyone is stuck, the girls in there are lovely.


    Dear All,

    I am Simon Measures, I represent The Dessy Group, one of the suppliers of Ardee Bridal (we manufacture bridesmaids dresses ( see
    For clarity, Dessy has no responsibility for the operation of Ardee Bridal.

    In the last 24 hours we have been approached by a couple of Ardee’s customers – this is the first news we have had about this shop. We are currently having difficulties contacting the store owner to verify any claims that the store is, or has closed.

    My reason for this post is to appeal to any customers who have ordered dresses from this shop to contact my office in the UK on +44 1909 774444 or email

    We will be able to tell you the status of your order, and will do our best to assist any customer who has not received their dress(es).

    Best wishes



    God that terrible, but as munchin said there is alot of it happening… Simon that is very nice of you to post up here, i hope you get a few brides sorted with their dresses


    Simon, that is very thoughtful of posting that up, hopefully it will helpa few!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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