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    Hi all, I’m a newbie here and not really a Mummy yet – expecting my first in 3 months. I was hoping to get my activity level up a little, and try out aquanatal classes, but I rang the Aura in Drogheda and they don’t have any classes – are there any other pools nearby that I can try or that anyone knows of a class at?

    I probably wouldn’t travel as far as Dundalk as I’m getting tired a lot now, and spend enough time on the motorway getting to and from work.

    Thanks for your time!


    Not sure sorry!
    Did you not ask to speak to the Aqua fit girl in Aura and ask is is suitable for a pregnant ladie, its go at your own pace etc….


    I did an ordinary aqua class when i was about 6-8months pregnant – suppose it would depend on your level of activity etc but definitely ask at Aura


    hi tig74

    Congrats on ur pg!

    I remember doing the aura aquafit when I was pg on my ds2. II cant remember how long i did it for, but I just told the instructer and she said it was ok, just for me to go at my own pace. That was 3 years ago, so not sure if they have changed it, but maybe give them a call to check.

    Hope this helps 😉


    Hi Tig74,

    Welcome to the site.

    I was just on Aura website and it says the aqua aerobics is suitable for pregnant women.



    Brilliant, thanks everyone for the replies. I’ll get my behind into gear then! Odd that the website says it’s suitable but they didn’t say that when I asked about aqua natal class – I guess the person on the phone didn’t think about it.

    Thanks again!


    Hi there,

    We have a parent and baby swim on Friday mornings at the Bettystown Court Hotel, if you want to come along to that (technically you qualify with your bump!!)

    You can do some exercises and have a swim and interact with the other mammies and babies too.

    We have tea and chat afterwards so it would be a good way to get ready for baby’s arrival.

    If you want more details let us know, it is open to anyone and it would be lovely to have a mum to be join us – you’ll get us all broody 😀 😀

    Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy.


    Oo, that sounds quite good too! (Sorry, just spotted this). Would be nice not to have to commit to a class as I still have bad days of sickness (don’t ask!). Do you have to be a member of the hotel club?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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