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    Hi there,

    What is the accepted amount of cash that you would give to a family member for their wedding. My husbands sister is getting married in a few weeks and he wants to give her cash.

    Her mother is throwing a party on Saturday and has announced that the gifts(money) should be handed over then as opposed to on the wedding day. Trouble is, we are very broke this week – all bills come out in the first week of the month – mortgage, vhi, phones, etc. I reckon that if she wants cash – she will have to wait until the wedding day. Alternatively, we could probably manage about 200 but it would put a bit of strain on funds for the week.

    What amount is acceptable for a sister?


    hi mammycool, in the past we have given 300 euro to family members for their wedding, but times are a lot harder now and i think that its definitely acceptable to give what you can afford, it is a noce amount to be receiving anyway 😀
    Also I wouldnt put yourself under the pressure to give the money on the Saturday, its really down to you when you give the wedding present.
    Hope this helps! I know when we got married 10 years ago, we got no where near the amounts that are given nowadays! 😆


    We usually give 100euro.I think that’s fair enough especially at these harsh times.


    I think you should give whatever you can afford without putting yourself under pressure. Wait until the wedding day to give your present if that suits you better. Hope this helps


    We were just at a wedding recently and gave a €200 gift from their registry..


    200 is a generous amount, especially nowadays.

    If its better for you to give it to them on the wedding day, then give it on the wedding day. Its a bit presumptuous to expect people to have the money for Saturday.

    You cannot leave your own family strapped for next week because they want their gifts early.

    I’m sure they will be delighted with your gift, whenever you give it to them.

    Enjoy the wedding day, hope it goes well. 😀


    Thanks everyone – did not leave us stuck – they will get the gift on the wedding day. Going out to do a bit of work tomorrow. I get paid mileage if I am out and about – so heading to Ballinasloe for the day – that should give them a few bob!


    Dont feel you have to be under pressure with the amount or when you give your gift… if i got 200 euro from family i would be very happy! If you cant afford to give 200 give less,

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