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    My Sister has bought a beautiful Apartment in lanzorote. With Recession going on it has taken off with great sucess only few remaining places available. Its beautiful and very affordable. It,s in a beautiful peaceful place called Matagorda close to the beach. The apartment comes full equipped you just have to see the brochure to believe it. If anyone is interested please contact PM for details. these package holidays are a rip off when you know if you have a good contact person and a nice place to go to it,s worth trying and saving alot money and here,s a tip sometimes even you can cheaper flights up the north. Just idea for us parents who are feeling the pinch. x



    I disagree with you on that. My brother went on a hol a few weeks ago and got a better deal with Platinum Travel than by booking flights and everything seperately. He priced it both ways and the travel agent was cheaper.

    My mum has also been looking at cruises and she has some brilliant deals from travel agents too – so she is going to book them.

    I think its good to shop around but its nice that there is a travel agent on here who is always coming up with special offers, so there are plenty of bargains to be had – and, when you book with them you are insured, in case of ash clouds or whatever else might happen.

    And, I would be happy to take a recommendation and holiday that is insured over booking it all seperately as at least with a travel agent, you have some come back if you have any problems. if you’re on your own, you’re on your own!

    There are some fab deals over in Travel expert, we’ll be booking one of those for next year, definitely!


    I think years ago package type holidays booked through travel agents were expensive..but not so much these days..

    A lot of people still like to use travel agents to organise eveything..not every one is up to speed with online stuff..there is still definately a place for travel agents.


    ny sister goes away at min 4 times a year and my mam the same…. they both book their own flights and save a good bit…. but saying that when my sister and mum were away and the volcanic ash trouble, it was MUCH better for anyone who went through an agent… so pro’s and con’s for both

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    We used to go to the Pine Club near Kusadasi a lot and in the autumn, the deals were amazing from the travel agents, we often got a week including flights, transfer and our own villa with private pool on the complex cheaper than a flight alone was costing. 😉 Oh to be chilling in the sunshine now! 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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