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    I know this may seem like a silly thing to ask but I wondered if anyone has got pregnant later in life and had no complications. I am considering trying again for another baby but am a whisker away from 39. Any advice?


    I had my second baby when i was 39 years and 4 months…no probs at all 😆 😆


    i had my last one when i was will be fine.go for it


    I’m 39 tomorrow & was due baby three on Fri. Still waiting! Would love more – if I could persuade the hubby!

    My Mum had last of 6 at 39. All fit & healthy.

    My gran (age 101) married at 32, I think, had two miscarriages & one stillbirth before having 5 healthy children in a row.

    If you are fit & healthy & become pregnant – with the single exception of Down’s Syndrome – you are no more at risk of having an ‘imperfect’ baby than a younger woman, as far as I understand it. The risk or miscarrying is also slightly higher with maternal age.

    This idea that once you hit39, your risk factors shoot through the roof is a load of nonsense, as far as I am concerned. To be honest, it really annoys me. It’s like women have a best before date, or something! I’m a hell of a lot healthier than a lot of the overweight, heavy drinking, smoking, unfit twentysomethings who think nothing about becoming pregnant.

    I actually saw a programme at some stage which basically suggested that the only reason women were slightly more lightly to have Down’s babies as they got older, was because their MALE partners were older…

    By the way, Enda Kenny’s missus had the first of her four (?) kids at 35.

    Go for it – no pregnancy comes with a guarantee no matter what your age. It is that simple.


    well done ladies,

    But maybe i should had said i already have four children aged 9,7,4 and 2. So its not like i will have time to sit back and relax. Hubby would love another one but he is a little younger than me at 34years and he is great with the four I have but would a little girl to dote. But you only have a 50/50 chance of that.


    i am 39 & not by choice been trying for no2 for 5 years am i still trying but to me 39 cant possibly too old..say it again at 45 & maybe i would say too old then….



    it’s just a number go for it if you feel it’s the right time for you, and also like others have said if fit and healthy you should try…

    risks can be at any age group, i don’t know why they say after a certain age, i know plenty of people who have had children at different ages and have had children with special needs and it wasn’t at a certain age that they say is the past date ie. 40’s…

    so why not if that’s what your heart wants and you are ready go for it…..

    i personally think i’m done but you never say never these days, my mom’s friend had a baby at 50…a surprise as all her kids we’re grown up but the new lease of life has kept her young at heart and has more patience now…so really i don’t think there is a cut off date….

    get rocking… 😆 😆 😉


    Am eldest of 6. Only eight years between the lot of us & all born when mum in her 30s. If you are happy with a bigger than average family, wouldn’t mind another boy & can take the risks that go with EVERY pregnancy, don’t let a random number stop you.

    (Would love a big family but only met the husband when I was 34. Am trying!!!)


    I had my 5th baby at nearly 37…..but found when I went to my school reunion, that many girls I had been to school with were only starting their families. Some like me, were finished, but many were leaving it later to have their first children. I think it all depends on yourself, your own health and how you feel about having another child. Everyone is different and age is really a number.

    Of course, there are risks they talk about that increase with age. But these things can happen to younger mums too. Personally, I feel women today are years younger than our parents were at the same age…if you know what I mean. We look after ourselves more and access healthcare quicker.

    As I say to anyone who feels ‘the urge’ to have another baby, it its not going to go away, its not. Once you have your children you can’t imagine life without them 😀 😀


    my mum had me at 42 she is now 66 😀


    The age is in your head / body not on the papers.

    I’m younger than most of my friends, but feel I’m older than they are.

    I’m done with babies, not because of age, just because I need my sleep at night 😳 , that’s what I mean but been older than my friends.
    They’ll cope with sleepless night better than me.

    Yes there is more risk at 40, but as well because of those risks, the pg is more monitored and so so often so much better than a pg at 20. And increase risk on paper doesn’t mean garanty of problem. It’s just statisticly higer not 100% that all go wrong, and if we’re talking about a normal risk at 1 per 1000 if risk double it’s still only 2 per 1000, not so bad (don’t know the statistics).
    The maturity you gained in the last years will be so valuable during the ups and downs (morning sickness and little disconpfort) and you’ll go throu it more easily.

    So many have and had late pg, and all is well, the complications are still quite rare.
    I had my first pg before 30, all went wrong, my last at 34/35 and it was so much better and all good.
    Age is not an issue.
    I wish to all who want a baby to have it no matter the age.



    Happy Birthday Pookie maybe you will get your baba for your birthday 😉

    I have 2 neighbours who both had babies in the summer 2 years ago, one was 42 the other 46

    My sisters friend had sold up her house tomove to spain (all her kids grown up) she thought she was going through the change, but after a trip to the Gp she found out she was pregnant at 49, had perfect healthy baby the same week her youngest celebrated her 21st birthday 😆 😆 😆 No she never did go ahead with the move to Spain 🙄


    i think u have your answer soccermum…not only is it completely normal & ok to want another baby at 39..even if you do have 4 children ..if you have the urge why not go for it…

    as for health risks..things can go bad in any pregnancy..i do maternity reflexology & see many mums to be & the sad stories i hear is definately not dependant on age…problems can happen at any age…

    it is like Fabienne said can you handle the lack of sleep but you still have a little one who you run round after & i am sure with 4 always one of them needs/wants you…so will be nothing different!

    my friend has 4 children & she said she didnt know if she would go again but after having her 4th has decided she cant give them all the attention she wants to if she has another but I wont hold my breath as i wouldnt be surprised if she goes again eventually & she is same age as us!!

    good luck..happy baby making 🙂

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