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    It just occurred to me, the advice talk in the D Hotel was 2 months ago this week. I was reading back through the feedback forms that everyone filled out on the day and as well as some very good comments and points, one common theme was on most of the forms…….."I must get out our details and arrange a review". Human nature being what it is, some actions do get put "on the long finger", so this is just a polite reminder for anyone that has considered in the last few months having a financial review to make sure, a) That you are getting the best value for the money you pay out each month, and b) That you have the most appropriate plans for your up to date personal circumstances. Reviews are free and without obligation and could be the most valuable hour you will spend this year!

    Anyone that wants to arrange either a review or one of the info coffee meetings for a few people, you can PM me, email or call/text 087-6414570.

    Thanks, Dave.

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