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    She is such a pretty girl, she does love her food and its is a huge part of her life…. i really like her, but i cant stand her husband!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    I think she would get over her weight issues if she got fecking rid of him, he is an asshole and is so mean and nasty to her about her weight and diet


    I didnt see it but he sounds like an asshole alright!!

    I think she always looks like she is meant to be a big girl, very pretty but is big boned and think she should stop beating herself up about her weight..

    Why can’t women be truly happy in their own skin?? I don’t know if she has any health issues due to being larger…

    I am large but am TRULY happy in my body and love myself inside and out, there has to be more shit going on in these womens lives to be making them unhappy..surely its not all about weight..????

    Wish I had caught it now


    Im getting annoyed watching it… he is a nasty fucker and he puts her down all the time. Would love to know what others think


    Only seen a few bits of a couple of episodes. I saw the bit where she was about to embark on a routine, so she thought it was a good idea to pull up to a fast food drivethru and order enough junk to feed a large family, just for herself??? 😯

    It seems that it’s not a case of her knowing whats right and wrong, it’s having the motivation (and support!) to be disciplined.


    im glued to it, love it, jesus she has issues with food alrite 😆 she starved her body wen she was in the band, and then dancing and blah blah she was living on adreneline, then wen she went at a normal pace the weight just piled on, just like some footballers do also, i think she is scoffing like that cause she ate nothin in the band, now she is just obsessed with all food 😀 she is a fab lookin girl, i like the hubby tho, he doesnt sugar coat anything wen it comes to food with her, yes he slags her but i do that to my other half and vice verse, and she laughs back also in fairness, as she knows he is strait laced,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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