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    Posted on behalf of RTE:

    My name is Aisling Brady and I am contacting you to invite you to be in the Prime Time Audience.

    Our first audience programme is taking place on Tuesday 10th of September. We are planning on discussing and debtating the new positive signs of growth in the Irish economy. We are looking at whether this is going to continue on an upward trend or whether we should dare to hope? This is our planned item although as you are probably aware news and current affairs changes everyday, so there is a chance the topic could change on the day.

    Could you please pass this message on to your members and if anyone is interesed, they can come and contact us directly.

    Audience arrive at Montrose at 8pm for light refreshments.
    The programme starts at 9:35pm.

    If you would like to come along and be in the audience you can contact me, Aisling Brady
    at my extension (01)208 2888/ (01) 208 2941, by email on

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